A Peek at Our Week | Week of September 4th

This week we continued our introduction to Ground Rules and Grace and Courtesy. The children are becoming more and more comfortable in the classroom and are quickly making friends! Our work periods are becoming a little longer and the children’s concentration and independence is growing more every day! The children also enjoyed learning a few words in Chinese with Ms. Mel during Pre-School Afternoon Group Time!

Working on the Introduction to The Golden Beads! This material gives the child and introduction to place values and numbers and quatities beyond 10!

Ms. Mel taught the children how to say “Hello” and the words for “Mom”, “Dad”, and “Baby”. She also read the children a story about three little bunnies and a wolf in Chinese and had the children act it out during work time!


Practicing pouring! Like many Practical Life materials, the child pours the material from left to right, which will indirectly prepare them for reading. 


A Peek at Next Week :
-“ Who’s Baby Picture Is This?” guessing game. (Be sure to send in a baby picture of your child with them this week.)
-Discussing what makes each of us special: hair color, eye color, likes and dislikes, our birthdays, our names, our emotions, etc.
-Graphing our differences such as hair and eye color.
-Practicing saying our full names.
-Learning our birth dates.


A Peek at Our Week | Week of September 4th

This week we continued our work, Great Lessons, and team building. We finished our Great Lessons with The Story of Numbers which talks about the history of number systems from ancient civilizations to modern day. We began our supplemental Great Lessons by discussing The Story of Geometry and The Story of the Babylonians. Students were assessed on their Spelling skills this week and began Reading Group. Two of our reading groups are reading short stories, one group is reading “The Mouse and the Motorcycle,” and another is reading “The Secret Garden.”

To begin exploring the Solar System, students chose a planet or star they would like to represent. We made a model to represent the distance of planets from the sun using the scale 1 step = 36 million miles. The student that chose Neptune had to take 78 steps from the student representing the sun to show that Neptune is 2.8 billion miles away! After making our model, we discussed information about each planet.





Dr. Montessori believed in giving Elementary students a “Cosmic Education” where they are introduced to real specimens for a deeper understanding and to recognize the interrelationship of all living things. Montessori classrooms have pets and plants to learn from and to care for. Each day students are responsible for feeding, replacing water, and maintaining a clean habitat for our guinea pig, fish, ants, and snake. This student is replacing Kernel’s water after washing his dish. He also misted Kernel’s habitat to help him as he prepares to shed! getting the best filter water from https://www.aquaoxfilters.com/product/whole-house-water-filtration-system/ would be the best option here with no doubt.




These first-year students are working together on the 8 Bead Chain. Bead Chains are a material used in Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary classrooms, in different ways. After gathering all of their materials and placing the arrows as they did in the Primary room, these students began recording the multiples of eight. They made it up to the equation 8 x 22 and are still working!




Students in Montessori classrooms are encouraged to follow their interests. In the Elementary classroom, this is often seen through independent research. Students are able to take the time to do independent research because these projects incorporate many skills at once. By the time this student’s shark research is completed and presented, the student will have used skills from language, grammar, biology, geography, spelling, handwriting, and public speaking.


A Peek into Next Week
Next week we will begin Spelling and Handwriting lessons. New students will begin lowercase cursive handwriting while returning students are moving on to uppercase cursive letters. We have optional Taekwondo and Dance Demos next week. Students will be studying nouns, taxonomy of vertebrates, landforms, the Pythagorean Theorem, and much more!

REMINDER: The STEM Program Meeting is Tuesday, September 12, at 5:30 p.m., in the Elementary Room. Please let us know if you are attending!

A Peek at Our Week | Week of September 4th

Did you ever have that feeling of impending doom?  These past two weeks have gone sooooooo well in the classroom.  Almost “too” well, like the calm before the storm…waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop. We will let you know of further developments!  We are done going over ground rules and will be going over healthy habits next week.


The ever popular Pink Tower found in our Sensorial area.  The Pink Tower helps develop fine motor skills and hones visual discrimination.  It also helps develop the concept of quantity.


The Trinomial Cube can be found in our Sensorial area which is the the precursor to the math area.  This work develops fine motor skills, visual discrimination of color and shape, and prepares for algebra and squaring cubes.


The Movable Alphabet strengthens word building skills which aids in journaling and reading.  This work is found in our language area.


Math is nothing more than quantity, symbols, and patterns.  This material, cards and counters, as you can see enforces the three concepts of math previously mentioned.  It also introduces the concept of odd and even.


Science! The chemical reaction of combining baking soda and vinegar inflated the balloons.  Some great hypothesis were given on the first day of science.  Your child may not be able to pronounce this word but they know what it is.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  We put extra baking soda in the balloon and the balloon filled very quickly.  This student thought the balloon would pop!



A Peek at Our Week | Week of September 4th

This week was Community Helper Week! Thank you so much everyone who came in to speak this week about their careers, both the kids and I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day!

Police officer








Digital Marketer



A look into next week:
My Family

  • The students will have a discussion on the importance of families to each of us and the students will be able to identify one reason why their family is important to them.

Family trees due we will be presenting them Thursday, September 14th and Friday, September 15th


A Peek at our Week | Week of August 28th

During the first week of school we learned about: Ground Rules

  • Learning to greet others.
  • Learning to have conservations.
  • Learning to speak to others.
  • Learning to listen to others.
  • Learning to respond to others.
  • Learning to say please and thank you to others.
  • Learning to observe others.
  • Learning to respectfully interrupt.
  • Learning from others.
  • Learning to open door for someone else.
  • Learning to recognize situations in which to help others.
  • Passing in front of another respectfully.
  • Learning how to say excuse me


Fabric box:
in this work the children match the fabrics by touch.

Our words are like toothpaste: 
once we say something it is very hard to take back.


Number rods: in this work the children are matching the symbol and quantities.


Before you speak think and be smart. It is hard to fix a wrinkled heart.


Trinomial cube: in this work the child matches the pieces by color, the result is a cube.

United States puzzle: 
in this work the child is identifying and matching the states to their correct location.


This week we are focused on Community Helpers

  • The students will learn about police officers, fire fighters, mail carriers, soldiers, bakers, farmers, doctors, and teachers throughout the week. They will not only learn about these community helpers; they will also be able to explain in detail why each one is very important to our lives. If you are interested in coming in to talk about your career to the students please email me at cowens@thesmarterkids.com



Tallmadge Academic Enrichment – Kindergarten | Week of August 28th

This week kindergarten students are focused on learning about the continents, its location and fun facts about each continent. In these pictures they are creating their own continent map.


 Kindergarten students are also practicing writing cursive letters.


The children are identifying and labeling the continents together. 






A look into next week: Directions

  • Recap of Continents/Review of three countries in each Continent and fun facts!
  • North, South, East & West
  • Work on the directions using Continent Map

A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

We had a great first week back to school! This week our class had so much fun getting to know each other and learning about the rules of our classroom (grace and courtesy lessons). The children became familiar with our schedule, classroom, animals, the building and how to be respectful to one another.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead!


Working with beginning Language material (matching).


Discovering g the similarities between the Continent Puzzle Map and Continent Globe from the Cultural Subjects area.


From our Sensorial area matching the correct place for the Knobless Cylinder.


Creating words with the Movable Alphabet from the Language area.


A Peek into Next Week:
Next week will continue to focus on familiarizing ourselves with the classroom materials and how to work on them, learning ground rules,  introducing classroom chores and more!

REMINDER: There is NO SCHOOL on Monday for Labor Day!

A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

We had a great first week back to school! This week our class had so much fun getting to know each other and learning about the rules of our classroom. The children became familiar with our chores, Grace and courtesy lessons, and how to be respectful to one another.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead!


  During our line time I gave a lesson on how to interrupt other’s in the correct way. The direct purpose of this lesson is to teach the children Grace and courtesy in the classroom.







   This week each child learned their chore for the week. By giving our children chores inside the classroom it helps build a lasting sense of mastery and self – reliance. It also increases concentration and independence.






This week I gave a few lessons on how we place our works on our math the correct way. This shows the importance of how we treat our works and the space around us. This prepares them for independence and also teaches them organizational skills.


A Peek into Next Week:
Next week will be all about friendship. We will focus on what friendship is, how we treat our friends, and singing new songs about friendship.

REMINDER: There is NO SCHOOL on Monday for Labor Day!



A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

The first two weeks in a Montessori Elementary Classroom are typically spent sharing time between working and team building. As many of you have seen in your own children, the Second Plane of Development (ages 6-12) is a time of great interest in social interaction. Dr. Montessori recognized this time as a crucial period for learning how to interact with others personally and professionally, and believed this should be valued and nurtured just as much as academic development. This first week we have explored Montessori’s Great Lessons about the coming of the universe, life, humans, and language. We have reviewed some of our skills from last year, have had returning students explain new Elementary work to first year students, and have learned how to communicate as a team!

This student is working to read numbers on our Checkerboard. The Checkerboard is a Montessori Math Material that allows students to multiply up to a nine-digit multiplicand by up to a four-digit multiplier. Each square on the Checkerboard represents a certain place value. After this student is comfortable reading numbers into the hundred millions, he will beginning multiplying using our Montessori Bead Bars. The Checkerboard will allow him to practice his multiplication facts and feel confident in place value before abstractly multiplying on paper.


Montessori designed the Great Lessons to capture the imagination of the Elementary child. These lessons give a broad introduction to the concepts students will study in detail throughout their time in Elementary. We begin with the largest idea (the universe) and move into stories about the beginning of language and numbers. It is a right of passage for Upper Elementary students to take part in presenting this information to their younger peers.



 These students are demonstrating a playground conflict. Students split into three groups and shared the right and wrong way to handle different situations in the classroom, on the playground, or at home. We practiced using our Conflict Resolution Card which helps students independently work through disagreements at school by using “I-Messages” and coming up with a solution together. Using student skits and teacher modeling is a large part of introducing and reminding students of rules and routines.


 One of our team building activities was called “Perimeter Pass.” Students had to pass a ball, using only their legs, to the child on their right. Once a child passed the ball, they had to run to the end of the line to wait for their next turn. Students had to communicate to the person next to them in order to be successful. These activities build community and leadership skills that are necessary at school and at home. Our students made it completely around the gym!





A Peek into Next Week
Next week we will be finishing up our Great Lessons and learning about their supplementary lessons like “The Story of Geometry,” which discusses how the rope stretchers of Ancient Egypt used right-angled triangles to section off property around the Nile. We will be diving into new lessons and Reading Group. Students will also have their Spelling Assessment.


Reminder: There is NO SCHOOL Monday for Labor Day.


A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

This week in our classroom was wonderful! We spent much time together exploring the classroom and the building, learning classroom rules, learning all about grace and courtesy, all about kindness and manners, and Ms. Mel even shared with us a little bit about South Korea! Ms. Mel and I have also enjoyed getting to know all of our new students and reconnecting with our returning friends!


Working on the Red Knobless Cylinders! This material helps the child learn to build their sense of order and concentration. In addition, the child learns to build from thickest piece to the thinest piece and strengthens their pincer grip.

Learning to roll a rug neatly! The children have been learning to take care of our classroom and to take responsibilty for cleaning up their own work. 

Ms. Mel showing some preschool students the continent where her homeland of Korea is located. She also taught them how to say “hello” in Korean and how to sing “Baby Shark” in Korean as well!


A Peek Into Next Week:
-Continue going over Ground Rules.
-Making a list of Classroom Rules together.
-Reading the book “There’s A Bird On Your Head!”
-Learning our manners
-Learning songs to remind us when to say ” Please” and “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”.

REMINDER: NO SCHOOL this Monday for Labor Day!