A Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 1/16/23

Focus Lesson:

This week we learned all about Healthy Habits. We focused on 5 main things that can keep our bodies healthy: eating healthy foods, drinking water, sleeping, exercising, and hygiene.

We continued discussing the 5 food groups daily at lunch, we always have so much fun finding our food group of the day inside of our lunch box. Ms. Tonya guided discussions on the importance of drinking water (because our bodies are made up of mostly water!), getting a good night’s sleep (so we can grow and make memories!), and exercising (it’s so important for kids these age to move their bodies for at least an hour per day!). Ms. Sam guided lessons on hygiene this week. Blossoms learned about the importance of brushing their teeth and bathing, and of course, washing their hands!

Kindergarten Lessons:

Kindergarteners continued learning about multiplication this week in Kindergarten Lesson. In Handwriting, they continued to learn how to form bump letters, focusing on v and . We’re almost done with the lowercase alphabet! In Reader’s Workshop our Blossoms practiced . And in Writer’s Workshop, our young authors continued to work on sentence structure, as well as adding transition words to their stories such as “one day”, “everday”, “next”, “then”, or “after”.


Happy Birthday to our newest 6 year old!

Enrichment Spotlight – Library with Ms. Lindsey!

Ms. Lindsey read us a book about the hospital and a silly book about bones. The bones book introduced us to the names of different bones in our body, something we’ll be learning about very soon!

A Peek into Work Time: Math

This child has mastered matching the colored bead bars to their appropriate numeral. He is now using his knowledge of the beads to practice writing his numbers, combining math and handwriting!
This child is working with the Tens Board as he is being introduced to the conventional names for the tens quantities: twenty, thirty, fourty, etc. He is using ten beads to connect quantity and symbol.
This child is working with the 6 cube chain. This work reinforces the ability to count in sequence, as well as introduces the concept of counting in multiples and skip counting.
This child is working with the addition strip board. We use this work to practice addition facts, as well as reinforcing the compostition of 10.

Outside Fun!

We love playing outside with our Aspen friends!

Peek Into Next Week:

Focus Lesson: Internal Organs

Preschool Lesson: Body Parts

Kindergarten Lesson: Subtraction

Important Dates:

Thursday, January 26: Grandparent’s Day

Thursday, February 2: 100th Day of School!

Only 10 more school days until we’re 100 days smarter!

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