A Peek At Our Week – Aspen – 09/18/23 – 09/22/23 – All About Apples!!

This week in Aspen it was all about Apples!! The Aspen students spent the week learning how apples grow, what they need to grow, learned how to identify and name the parts of an apple, and got to observe and explore the parts of an apple with our apple observation activity. At the same time, Aspen took their scientific observation to the next level by engaging in a very yummy science experiment involving apples. We took a red apple (Red Delicious), a green apple (Granny Smith), and a yellow apple, (Golden Delicious) and taste tested them! Our experiment was to see if they tasted the same or different! Ask your apple scientist what they discovered! Since we were slicing apples, Aspen then took the opportunity to discuss fractions. Aspen learned about whole, half, one- third, and one- fourth while slicing our apples for our experiment. A very big thank you to Lily for bringing in apples for us to use for this lesson. Finally, we shifted gears and used our apples for something other than eating! We made apple prints with sliced apples and paint. Our Week in Aspen sure was Appletastic!!

This week we also had our first field trip to Ramseyers Farm and enjoyed some Fall themed fun ! We learned all about Pumpkins, how they grow, and got to pick our very own perfect pumpkin!! A big thank you to all of the Aspen parents that made our field trip special and fun! Ms. Angela and I truly enjoyed spending the day with you and your child! Happy pumpkin carving with your perfect pumpkins!!

This week in Readers and Writers Workshop the kindergarten students continued their literary and phonics fun! In Readers Workshop the Cardinals continued their work exploring phonological awareness, sight words, sentence structure, and comprehension skills ( focusing on the concept of sequencing). We read the book If You Give A Pig A Pancake and The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash and discussed sequencing within these stories. We then placed events in order from from their occurrence within the story! Our Cardinals have some great recollection and comprehension skills!! The Chickadees continued their fun with phonics and phonemic awareness by engaging in sound games, sound activities, and began practicing segmenting words! They also continued to practice following directions and completed two worksheets this week. The Chickadees also engaged in more sight word work!

Next week Aspen will be learning all about Pumpkins and the life cycle of a pumpkin!

Creative fun with the Geometric Magnetic Tiles!

Pattern work with the Apple Pattern activity.

Labeling the parts of an apple.

Exploring phonics with the CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words! Phonics is fun!!

Matching and folding socks is a favorite Practical Life activity in the Aspen room!!

Practicing handwriting skills tracing letters!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen – 09/11/23 – 09/15/23 – The Parts Of A Tree!

This week in Aspen we began our Botany lessons with learning all about the Parts Of a Tree. The Aspen students used our Botany Tree puzzle to learn the names of each part of a tree. At the same time, we also discussed that each part of the tree has a special job or function that it does. Each part of the tree performs a special job that helps the tree grow strong and healthy. For example, Aspen learned that the roots collect water , minerals, and nutrients from the soil and help to stabilize and keep the tree upright. Aspen then examined the trunk and branches of a tree and learned that the bark protects the wood inside the tree. In fact, something amazing occurs inside the trunk! Aspen learned that the trunk and branches have different types of wood underneath the protective layer of bark. The part called the inner bark or “Phloem” is the part or pipeline through which food is passed to other parts of the tree.This is the part of the tree that; only lives a short time , turns to cork, and eventually becomes part of the protective Outer Bark! The Cambium cell layer or growing part of the tree trunk produces new wood and gets its food through the phloem from the leaves. The Sapwood is the pipeline through which water is transported to the leaves and the Heartwood is the center supporting pillar of a tree. Aspen was fascinated by how many special events occur inside the trunk! Finally, Aspen discussed the important function of the Leaves. We learned that the leaves are the food factories providing nourishment for the tree!

After investigating the parts of a tree, the Aspen children became scientists and discussed the needs of a tree! We learned what trees need in order to grow and then researched different types of trees. For instance, the Aspen students determined that a tree needs water, sunlight, soil (minerals and nutrients), and Carbon Dioxide. We then explored where carbon dioxide comes from and discovered that we help the trees and the trees help us! They help by giving us the Oxygen we need to survive! We learned this is called a symbiotic relationship! Finally, we discussed the difference between deciduous and coniferous trees. We then took a closer look at different kinds of tree seeds, leaves, and bark with our Botany tray! We encourage your child to bring in any leaves, seeds, bark, or scientific nature related objects. However, we do ask that you limit the amount of objects for our Botany tray to two items. I know they will discover so many fascinating treasures but please have them choose their favorites! Happy hunting!!!

In Readers Workshop the Cardinals continued to practice using their decoding skills while practicing preliminary comprehension activities, they also practiced following directions, and mastered their first box of sight words! The Chickadees continued to be Sound Detectives and decoded object clues and matched them to their corresponding letter sounds! We practiced segmenting words and we realized that words are just made up of sound clues! The Chickadees also engaged in following directions by completing worksheets utilizing the skills they have acquired. Both groups are learning how to write the date when writing their name on their work!

Next week it is All About Apples! We will take a close look at the parts of an apple, engage in a scientific taste test, explore fractions with apples, and engage in apple themed art projects!!

PICTURE DAY – Wednesday September 20

RAMSEYER FARM FIELD TRIP – Friday, September 22

Tracing the Sandpaper Numbers while learning the linear sequence of numbers!

Preliminary classification work with our shell activity!

Labeling the Parts Of A Tree!

Science fun with Mr. John!!!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen- 09/04/23/ -09/08/23 – The Reasons For Seasons!

This week in Aspen it was all about the Seasons! Aspen learned that there are four seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring! We also learned that here in Ohio we are lucky to experience all four seasons! We then discussed the characteristics of each season and our Aspen students shared their observations and talked about their favorite seasons! During Line Time, we used our Painted Globe and a flashlight to demonstrate the reason we experience four seasons in Ohio. Therefore, the Aspen students were able to visually experience the concepts of seasons, day and night, and learned some new vocabulary words ( rotation, axis, tilt, and orbit). Aspen learned we live on a planet called Earth that orbits a star called the Sun. As our Earth rotates and orbits our sun, only part of our planet experiences day and night. The part facing the sun has daytime and the part facing away from the sun has nighttime. The Aspen students had so much fun creating day and night with the flashlight and Painted Globe! We then took our experiment to the next level and discussed how the Earth rotates on its axis and experiences a tilt. We can’t feel the Earth rotating and tilting but we can feel the results of the tilt of the Earth! When Earth’s axis or our part of the world is tilted towards the sun and is receiving lots of direct sunlight, we will experience summer! Lots of sun equals lots of heat! Then something special happens, the tilt shifts the axis a bit giving us less direct sunlight leading to cooler temperatures giving us Fall!! As we experience Fall we eventually tilt receiving even less direct sunlight. Which leads to a significant drop in temperature giving us cold weather with snow and ice! Then something special happens again, as our Earth continues its orbit, it’s rotation, and the tilting of it’s axis the Earth begins to tilt towards the sun giving us more direct sunlight melting the snow and ice while warming us! As a result, we experience Spring! Then the process repeats all over with Summer, Fall,Winter, and Spring! This Repeating process lead Aspen to also discuss patterns and repetition! Aspen also learned that different parts of the world experience different seasons at different times and some do not experience four seasons like Ohio!! This allowed for us to learn two more vocabulary words (Hemisphere and Equator)! It sure was a busy and scientific week in Aspen!

Next week the Aspen students will begin their Botany classification work with the Tree Puzzle! Students will learn how to identify and name each part of a tree. At the same time, they will also learn the function of each part! See you Monday!!

The Kindergarten students continued their work with phonics in Readers’ Workshop and began illustrating books in Writers’ Workshop! In Readers Workshop the Cardinals engaged in more word play manipulating sounds to create words, discussed new Sight Words ( he, she, me, we, I , see, look, you and a). They then practiced following directions completing in class follow -up work. The Chickadees continued their work with the identification of letter sounds and then engaged in multiple in class follow-up work activities. Chickadees then used their knowledge to identify sounds and name things beginning with the corresponding sound! They also practiced writing their name and date on their follow-up work.

Reason For Seasons – Science Experiment! Using our Painted Globe to visually experience the concepts of Day and Night and the Seasons!

Visual Discrimination of color with The Color Tablets! Matching colors for Sensorial fun!

Phonics fun with The Moveable Alphabet!

Handwriting practice!

A Peek At Our Week – 08/28/23 – 09/01/23 – Aspen – The Days Of The Week and Using A Calendar!

This week in Aspen we began our calendar work during our morning group lesson (Line Time). We discussed what a calendar is, how we use it, and identified The Days Of The Week, the Months Of The Year, and learned how to find the date on a calendar! All week we practiced learning the names of The Days Of The Week and worked on the order in which they appear on the calendar. Aspen even learned a special Days Of The Week song to help them remember the order and names of The Days Of The Week! Ask your child about our special Days Of The Week song! During this process our kindergarten students were learning how to write the date on their work plans while utilizing the calendar in our classroom to find days, dates, and months. The Aspen students also continued to practice their Procedural Movement Lessons and have begun to acclimate and settle into classroom routines! Aspen has been doing a great job staying in line when walking in line to the classroom or outside for recess. We have been practicing staying behind the person in front of us!

The kindergarteners received their first kindergarten lessons this week and began learning some valuable time management skills! After each kindergarten lesson the kindergarteners will be given follow-up work pertaining to their lesson. Therefore, receiving a reinforcement and an independent exploration of the concepts within their lessons. This is a new concept for many of our kindergarteners and will take practice and time learning how to accomplish academic tasks while engaging socially within the classroom.

This week Aspen also began going to their Enrichments! Aspen students got to experience Music with Ms. Lisa, Art with Ms. Varela, Science with Mr. John, and Library with Ms. Lindsey! We had so much fun in each of these classes!!

The Kindergarteners also experienced their first Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop this week! Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon the kindergarteners will receive in depth lessons where they practice their reading and writing skills while independently applying the skills they learn. The kindergarteners are divided into two groups The Cardinals and The Chickadees to allow for more individualized instruction. This week in Readers’ Workshop The Cardinals engaged in “word play” by manipulating phonetic sounds to form words. As a group we created three and four letter words and began our discussions regarding the rules of reading! Therefore, the Cardinals learned that the key to reading involves being a good “Sound Detective” , learning phonogram rules (sh, ch, th, Vowel Teams, e at the end …etc), and identifying Sight Words. The Chickadees engaged in various Phonics activities (games) and played Bingo identifying their letter sounds! The Chickadees also learned the importance of being good “Sound Detectives ” and also discussed the rules of Reading. Both groups did an awesome job and are going to have so much fun in Readers’ Workshop this year!

The Cardinals and Chickadees also engaged in pre-writing and writing activities with Ms. Tonya in Writers’ Workshop! They discussed expectations, manipulated sounds they learned, and engaged in writing activities! Our kindergarteners will become Authors and will begin writing and “publishing” their own books this year! Ms. Tonya is looking forward to an amazing year with her Writers!!

Next week our topic is Seasons! We are going to learn the names of the four seasons, identify characteristics of each season, and will engage in a very special Seasons Experiment! See you next week!

Practical Life – learning how to use scissors and cut along lines! Sometimes messes are made, but the clean up can be fun! Using a dustpan to clean paper scraps that fall on the floor! We sure have some amazing helpers in the Aspen Room!

Kindergarten follow-up work! Learning the names and locations of our Continents!

More kindergarten follow-up work! Tracing then labeling the Horse puzzle!

Fun with the Sandpaper Numbers!!

Library fun with Ms. Lindsey!!

Reading our book selections after Library time with Ms. Lindsey before afternoon Dismissal!

A Peek At Our Week -Aspen-08/23/23 – 08/25/23 – Procedural Movement Lessons

Welcome back Aspen families! Our school year was off to a great start this week! We were all happy to return to the classroom and our school routines! The Aspen students had so much fun reuniting with old friends and making new friends! The classroom was bustling with excitement and the learning of Procedural Movement Lessons while also learning our classroom routines. Procedural Movement Lessons are the ” How To Lessons ” in a Montessori classroom. Therefore, we have been busy learning how to sit on the line during group lessons, how to raise our hand to share our thoughts and ideas during line time, how to unroll and roll a rug, how to carry a tray, how to care for our Montessori materials, how to stay in our chair while eating lunch, and how to convey our ideas, thoughts, and needs when interacting with our classmates. We also learned our Line Time song!! Ask your child to sing it to you!! It sure was a busy but fun week in Aspen!!

Next week, our group lesson topic will be the Days Of The Week and we will begin our calendar work during Line Time lesson. Our Enrichments will also begin next week! Aspen will begin their Music, Art, Science, and Library routine!! See you next week!!!

Practical Life lessons foster the concepts of order and sequence while channeling/utilizing the child ‘s energy to perform tasks that allow the child to focus and concentrate while learning independence.

A nice pair of freshly cleaned sunglasses!! Ready for Hollywood!!

Practical Life – Scrubbing/Washing seashells.

Some of us missed our favorite activity so much over the summer! We just couldn’t wait to work with it! Hard at work solving Addition equations with The Addition Charts!

Making new friends while working alongside each other during our classroom work period!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen- 05/01/23 – 05/05/23 – All About Animals; Animal Babies and Animal Groups.

This week in the Aspen Room it was all about animals!! During group lesson, we engaged in research activities with various non-fiction books, learning all about baby animal names and animal groups. Did you know that some animals like to live alone (solitary) and others live in groups. Aspen further learned that animals that live in groups live together in groups for protection. By living together, they can protect each other from harsh weather conditions (penguins), defend themselves against predators (herd animals), take advantage of large numbers to stay safe, migrate together looking for food, and/or utilize living in groups to help raise their babies. We also learned that animals can live in a variety of climates and environments. As a follow-up work, we utilzed our land, water, nd air activity to explore the concept of animal habitats and the function of animal characteristics. Your Aspen child is now an animal expert! Ask them about what they learned this week!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the Kindergarteners continued their exploration with the Function Of Words Activities. Three of our Aspen, however, Kindergarteners spent a week exploring the Elementary class. During their visit, they learned Elementary routine, explored math and language concepts with Elementary activities, and made new friends! In Readers Workshop, both the Cardinals and Chickadees continued their Unit on Poetry by finishing their Onamatapeoia Poems and explored Hyperbole Poems! We learned that a Hyperbole is an exaggeration, like, ” I’m so tired I could sleep for days”! After reading some Hyperbole Poem examples, we brainstormed and created our own independent Hyperbole poem! In Writers Workshop the Cardinals and Chickadees….

Sensorial Extensions with yhe Pink Tower and Brown Stair!

Stamp Game fun with the Decimal System! Adding units, tens, hundreds, and thousands!

Vocabulary building with the Lotto activity!

More mathematical fun with the Addition Stripboard!

Our caterpillars getting ready to move into their next stage of development!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen – 04/24/23 – 04/ 28/23 -The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

This week in the Aspen classroom it was all about the Life Cycle Of A Butterfly, pollination, and flowers! The Dayley family very generously gifted the Aspen classroom caterpillars! The Aspen children have been given the amazing opportunity to learn, observe, and experience the life cycle of butterflies up close. Currently, our butterflies are in the “larva stage,” better known as caterpillars! They are doing what caterpillars do best, which is EAT!!! Aspen learned that there are four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. A butterfly starts out as an egg on a leaf; the egg will hatch and out comes the caterpillar. The caterpillar will eat the egg it hatched from and will then begin to eat leaves. Once the caterpillar has achieved enough nutrition and has reached maturity, it will move on to its next phase of development: the pupa stage. This is the stage where our caterpillars create a chrysalis and will eventually emerge from the chysalis as a butterfly! The Aspen children will be able to observe each of these stages of the butterfly life cycle. Currently, our butterflies are in the larva stage and are busy eating a special type of nutritional food provided in their container habitats. When they are ready to move into their next phase, they will hang upside down on the lid of the container in the shape of a J. This is an indicator that they will soon build their chysalis. We are keeping a close eye on our caterpillars and are waiting with excitement for this to happen! Once they are in their chrysalis, they will undergo a change! The Aspen students learned that this change is called a metamorphosis. Once the larva emerge from the pupa stage from within their chrysalis, they will now be in the adult stage of their life cycle as butterflies! The Aspen students plan on observing and tracking each stage with pictures and written observations! We will share our butterfly journey with you as well on our blog! A very special thank you to the Dayley family for gifting the Aspen class with such an amazing opportunity!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the Kindergarteners continued their Function Of Words lessons by learning all about adverbs! They learned that adverbs describe the verb and spent their week identifying adverbs and symbolizing sentences. In Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop, the Kindergarteners continued their thematic unit on poetry by reading poems and writing their own! We completed our acrostic poems and wrote our very own onamatapeoia poems! We ended up with some very creative, descriptive, and silly poems!


Working together to identify Phonograms!

The Function Of Words Activity; Symbolizing sentences identifying nouns, verbs, articles, and adjectives!

Happily showing off an accomplishment! Stacking the cubes of the Pink Tower.

Elementary students presenting their Measuring Time With Water experiment!

Some of our current classroom pets! We will keep posting pictures!!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen- 04/17/23 – 04/21/23 – WELCOME BACK!!!

Welcome back Aspen families! We are so happy to be back in the classroom following our daily routine while learning! We are so appreciative of all our parents for being so understanding and patient throughout this unique journey! Aspen is happily settling into their new classroom and appear to be adjusting to their new school environment! It was so nice to finally return to the classroom, play with friends we missed, and continue our learning! We really missed working with the activities and playing with our friends.

This week, group lessons have centered around acclimating to our new environment, reviewing classroom expectations, and picking up where we left off before our unexpected and extended break from classroom fun! This week we also began our more in-depth research on Asia and Australia, learning the names and locations of countries, exploring culture and ways of life on these continents, and discussing Asian and Australian Biomes while learning about animals living in these biomes. It was a very busy but happy week in Aspen!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the kindergarteners learned all about the Parts Of Speech and engaged in a few review lessons. In Readers Workshop, the Cardinals and Chickadees reviewed their thematic unit on poetry and wrote an All About Me Poem. Both groups then created their very own self portrait. While writing our poems we explored phonics, phonograms, and rhyming. We also discovered repetition of sounds when writing our sentences. In Writers Workshop the Cardinals and Chickadees explored the world of color and created and wrote our own a Color Poems

Exploring quantity with the Spindle Boxes!

Pouring Water! Learning how to control movements, focus, and complete tasks independently. Check out that smile!!!

Fun with Phonics!! Creating words with the Moveable Alphabet!

Practicing tricky letters in cursive with the dry erase board.

Lots of group activities during the work period this week. We really missed our friends!

See you next week!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen- 3/13/23 – 3/17/23 – Rainbows and The Light Spectrum

This week in Aspen, we dove into the world of color again by exploring rainbows and the light spectrum! The Aspen children investigated why and how rainbows occur; we named the colors within the rainbow, discussed the light spectrum, and engaged in experiments involving bending and refracting light. Each day during group lessons, we took a look at the science of rainbows and the exploration of color. We discovered that rainbows occur when sunlight hits a water droplet. When this happens, some of the light is reflected and refracted creating a rainbow! As we researched this topic, we further discovered that light is made up of different wavelengths and each wavelength is reflected at different angles; therefore, the light spectrum is separated and the result is a rainbow! In order to illustrate this concept while gaining hands on experience, we engaged in an activity refracting light to create our own rainbows using a flashlight and a prism. Aspen also read Pink Is Not a Color and This Book Is Gray by Lindsay Ward. Lindsay Ward a local children’s author from Peninsula, Ohio. The book is hilarious, full of educational information, and encourages kindness and uniqueness. Aspen highly recommends this book, so check it out!!

This week we began or Asia and Oceania studies by having Noah’ s mom, Anum Ali, come in to teach us all about Pakistan. She brought amazing pictures depicting the culture and life in Pakistan, and she brought in many visual aides and items to share as she talked about her culture. Mrs. Ali taught us so much and answered our many, many questions! She even taught us some words! Ask your child about their amazing lesson on Pakistan! A very big thank you to Anum for all of her hardwork and preparation, sharing her knowledge with us, Buckeye, and Cherry Blossom! I also would like to personally thank all of the Aspen parents and children for selecting and submitting their countries for the festival. We have begun our in-class research projects because of this!

This week in Kindergarten lesson, the Kindergarteners began their in-depth lesson with the Function of Words activities, exploring consonants, vowels, and articles. In Readers Workshop, both groups practiced their copy writing skills, fluency, and handwriting with reading comprehension books/worksheets. They practiced finding information within a text while answering comprehension questions. We also practiced writing in complete sentences when answering comprehension questions. Both groups also took a quick look at rhyme, alliteration, hyperbole, and onamatapeoia to explore poetry condepts. In Writers Workshop, both groups practiced writing poetry as a group (picture below).

Matching Uppercase and Lowercase letters!

Learning how to find information in books. Practicing our research skills researching life in our Asian country!

Guiding and helping our friends during the work period! The combined age groups of a Montessori classroom provides opportunities for children to exercise independence while assuming leadership roles guiding younger peers.

Skip Counting with the Cube Chain!

Kindergarten Poetry Fun!!

A Peek At Our Week – Aspen – 02/27/23 – 03/03/23 Dr. Seuss Week!!

This week in Aspen it was all about rhyming, word play, and having fun exploring the literary world with Dr. Seuss Week! As we dove into the literary world, we explored rhyming, alliteration, and vocabulary! Aspen learned that in order for a word to rhyme, they need to have the same ending sounds! After learning this, we all practiced rhyming words during our group lessons. The Aspen children quickly became rhyming experts! We discovered that sometimes rhyming words are not spelled the same but have the same ending sounds! For example, dance and pants follow this rule. At the same time, we also read various Dr. Seuss books, discovering that he is the true Rhyming Expert. We spent the week searching for rhyming words and alliteration; in the process, we made an interesting discovery! We realized that occasionally Dr. Seuss would create nonsense words! This prompted follow-up work with vocabulary and thinking of words that make sense (real words) and words that don’t (nonesense words)! Dr. Seuss also happens to be a Nonsense Word Expert!

A very special thank you to all of the Aspen families participating in Dr. Seuss Week! The outfits, creativity, and participation was amazing! We could not do what we do without you!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the kindergarteners explored Geometry! They looked at two-dimensional shapes with the Geometric Cabinet and three-dimensional shapes with the Geometric Solids. At the same time, the Kindergarteners discussed angles, vertices, and the geometric names of triangles. In Readers Workshop, the kindergarteners began their introduction into the world of poetry and began the process of becoming poets themselves! We took a look at poems that rhyme, reading Shel Silverstein’s “Where The Sidewalk Ends” and Dr. Seuss books. We discussed how poems are written in rows or lines and how there are different types of poems. The Kindergarten Reading groups also discussed alliteration, and we practiced this concept together. Finally, both groups discussed how to brainstorm: to think of ideas to create their own poems. The kindergarteners wrote word lists and then found their rhyming words so that they can create their very own rhyming poem! All of the kindergarteners had amazing ideas! In Writers Workshop, the Kindergarteners practiced their handwriting skills by “copy writing” information off a white-board, practicing for Elementary expectations!

It was another fun- filled, amazing week in Aspen! Have a great weekend! Next week our thematic topic will be Amphibians and Reptiles!

Here are some of our Crazy Socks from Crazy Sock Day!

Dr. Seuss Letter Rescue! Rescuing letters from the tangled web and matching them to lowercase and uppercase cards!

A group picture of our outfits representing our future goals of what we would like to be when we grow up.

Creating sentences with the Moveable Alphabet!

Pin pricking shamrock shapes!

Story time with good friends!!

Fun with the Sandpaper Numbers!