Why Did You Choose Absorbent Minds Montessori School Over Other Schools?

“After observing a class, I knew Absorbent Minds was the school for my son. Although the dedication of the teachers and the child-centered classroom were very impressive, what really made up my mind was seeing how poised the children were and how interested and focused they were on their work.”
~ Patrick & Nikki Custy

“We considered Absorbent Minds based on a referral from a co-worker. Learn more about to get ahead. After touring the school, observing a classroom and meeting the staff, we knew we did not want to wait to enroll our son. We enrolled him and he started right away."
~ John & Tracy Pawlikowski

“Our daughter has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She is fiercely independent and can be extremely stubborn at times. Yet she has a strong love of learning and needs to be exposed to many different subjects at once. When it came time to pick a preschool, we wanted something at would not only meet her where she was at, academically and socially, but also a school that would guide her in the right direction. We also wanted one that would give her both the variety of material, but also work on her kindergarten readiness. From day one we saw this at Absorbent Minds. The teachers and staff are kind, caring, and so excited about school it just rubs off on our daughter. They are always willing to go the extra mile for her (and every student there).”
~ Paul & Jessica Plaspohl

“We researched and visited many different preschools in the Cuyahoga Falls/Stow area during the year before our son started preschool, and our very first visit to Absorbent Minds made our decision simple: aside from home, this was the "next best place" for our son to be. All of the teachers are amazing with the kids, the classrooms are bright and organized, their program is an excellent mix of both individual and group learning through work and play, and the flexibility of scheduling is great.”
~George & Melissa Faluhelyi

"I chose Absorbent Minds because they were willing to be flexible with scheduling, the one on one attention my daughter receives and the cost."
~ Alison Barstow

What Has Your Child Gained From Attending Absorbent Minds Montessori?

"Our son has gained a variety of educational skills. However, more important to us, he has learned how to be a self-sufficient, confident little boy. The Montessori classroom at Absorbent Minds provided him the freedom to explore, but also the guided touch from his teachers on how to excel with each work. The set up allows for different ways to teach basic learning (math, science, reading), but with different techniques. We believe that no two children are the same and, given choices, children can grow and learn at their own speed from a Montessori classroom."
~ Greg & Dina Anzevino

“From science, math, language arts and social studies to reading, writing, music, Spanish, sign language and so much more in between, our son has gained a wealth of knowledge. But even more, he has also learned ability, confidence, manners, patience and respect.”
~ John & Tracy Pawlikowski

“Our daughter (4 years old) is reading early reader books on her own! She can count to ten in 12 languages. She knows the difference between phalanges and femurs! She is taking dance class and sign language! She has learned how to hospitable and sharing towards others by bringing in and serving monthly snack, as well as the importance of cleaning up! She has learned to shake hands when meeting a new person. Our daughter has truly grown and developed into a wonderful student who loves school and learning more everyday! She has learned structure; she has learned to stay on a schedule and how to act as leader. She has learned to take her independence and use it an art project or to decide to learn to read. Our daughter has made many friends and had tons of fun!! Absorbent Minds is the best. Hands down!”
~ Paul & Jessica Plaspohl

“My husband and I are amazed at how much our son has already learned and how well he interacts with his teachers and classmates. We love knowing that he is in such a safe, caring environment and he is so happy there. He tells everyone that he LOVES school. Absorbent Minds is a truly special place and we already plan to have our younger (1-yr old) son attend in a couple years when he is old enough!”
~ George & Melissa Faluhelyi

“My daughter has gained the ability to focus on one project for a very long period of time. She has learned to be part of a group, participate in rituals, follow instructions, play with others, work independently, etc.”
~ John & Melinda McIlroy

"As an only child, Montessori has provided an opportunity for my son to have the positive influence of the older, and now younger, children. This has helped in his understanding of sharing, patience, teaching, mentoring and encouraging others."
~ Cristy Berg

"My son has gained a wide berth of knowledge from a variety of subject areas. He has found a sense of independence and an ‘I can do it myself’ attitude from the confidence attained in the Montessori classroom"
~ Lee & Kelley Zeiszler

Why Did You Choose Montessori for your Child?

"At age three, Montessori allowed my son to learn from the four and five year old students who were setting examples. Now five himself, he is setting the example. Montessori goes beyond the scope of preschool and individually encourages each child to want to learn more because of the influence of the older children’s’ good manners, reading, tying shoes, etc. and the younger children want to do what the older children do. The result is greater success in school and leadership skill development."
~ Cristy Berg

“We chose a Montessori school because it allows each child to learn a wide variety of subjects/skills at their own pace, and most importantly, it promotes kindness and respect for others as well as self-discipline and character. Our son’s experience at Absorbent Minds has carried over to his behavior outside of school as well–using manners, taking turns, picking up his toys, helping at meal time, etc. He was also encouraged to use some of the skills he mastered, such as math, to help teach his classmates. This has been an incredible help to us at home since the addition of his little brother, who he now ‘teaches’ too.”
~ George & Melissa Faluhelyi

"We chose Montessori for our son at the age of 3 after looking into various programs. We felt the Montessori set up allowed him to learn at his own pace and had the ability to build his confidence based on a variety of learning options within the classroom."
~ Greg & Dina Anzevino

"I chose Montessori school because I felt my child was not getting the academic attention he requires in a regular pre-school. I fully appreciate the hands on approach Montessori takes with children."
~ Keri Countryman

"We felt the Montessori approach was more suitable for our child’s character. It allows for quicker skill development in an open environment."
~ Michael & Caroline Mourad