Smarter Heroes

The Smarter Heroes

The Smarter Heroes are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. Only through our willingness to do the “extra” do we become extraordinary. We are proud to see our children, parents and staff, have a willingness to do the “extra” in the spirit of serving others. The Smarter Heroes recognizes and celebrates that serving spirit, while providing children an opportunity to learn about our community and our world. The Smarter Heroes allows children to embark on various educational opportunities and service projects for our local and world-wide communities.

Our History & Our Future

The Smarter Heroes “2 Cents-A-Meal” project began in 2007. We felt a desire to educate our students about the global hunger epidemic, and to increase gratitude for the blessing of consuming three meals a day. After completing our first project, we quickly realized the impact it had on the children and their parents. It is true that one person can make a difference and that desire has stirred a collective passion shared by our students, parents and staff to do more. The Smarter Heroes has now grown into a larger cause of not only making a difference in our local community, but extending our influence across the country and impacting lives around the world.

Our Smarter Calling is to teach children to be generous, appreciative, and selfless by blessing others in our community and our world. The Smarter Heroes has become a way to teach our students to help others in need. We believe generosity, kindness, selflessness, appreciation, and personal responsibility need to be taught at an early age. We are excited to introduce Absorbent Minds Smarter Heroes, where our “Little Hands” not only have “Big Hearts”, but impact other Hearts in a Big way.

Educational Service Projects

2 Cents-A-Meal

2 Cents-A-Meal“2 Cents-A-Meal” is a project designed to remind us of those who are hungry and in need of food on a daily basis. This project teaches our students and reminds our families of what a simple blessing it is to be able to provide meals for their family; and is a simple way to share that blessing with those in need around the world. Each student participating will decorate a container to be kept at home. During each meal eaten at home, every family member will deposit 2 cents into the container. Families will collect change for about 8 weeks and then bring their container in to be combined with all other participating families. The 2 Cents-A-Meal contributions will be collected and donated to a hunger relief organization in the name of “Absorbent Minds Smarter Heroes.”


Adopt A ChildMillions of children around the world need help to break the cycle of poverty. Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out on education keeps them from reaching their potential, providing them with education from would be one of the best things that could happen to them. Absorbent Minds Montessori School has “adopted” a child through World Vision. In a partnership with World Vision we can provide a child with sustainable access to appropriate life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, health care, and education. The biggest impact of child sponsorship is helping families and communities lift themselves out of poverty by providing job training and business education, along with guidance to help poverty-affected farmers learn new ways to irrigate and grow crops. Each classroom will have the opportunity to communicate with the child throughout the year. The children will exchange pictures, letters, gifts, etc. Families are encouraged to get involved to send gifts/photos, etc. as well.


Support A TroopWe sleep peacefully in freedom at night because brave men and women stand ready to defend our freedom at all costs on our behalf. Everyone knows someone who has been or is currently defending our country’s freedom. Friends and family members of our students who are in the military will receive letters, pictures and gifts made and provided by our students to show our support for their brave efforts. If you or a family member have served or are currently serving, please provide our office with appropriate contact information. This information can be emailed to


Fill A BoxChristmas is a time of year when giving is prevalent, yet so many of us prepare our homes with lights and decorations for elaborate dinners; we spend hours cooking food; we spend money buying gifts for family and friends that we sometimes forget about the children and families who are not able to celebrate like we do. It is our hope to inspire our children to think of others during this season of giving. By filling a shoebox with school supplies and small toys students can learn generosity as they give to others during the Christmas season. Each participant will fill a box with pencils, crayons, coloring books, bouncy balls, etc. and it will be mailed to a child who will not receive any other Christmas gifts.


CAKFBPeople all over the world need good food to eat to stay healthy, yet hunger is everywhere. We can change that. Each participant will receive their Smarter Hero Bag to fill with canned foods. For a 3 month period we encourage families to purchase 2-3 extra canned food items during each trip to the grocery store to donate to our canned food drive. The hunger truck will come to our school and the children will carry the food to the truck and load it.

Bringing it Home:

We understand we cannot accomplish this calling alone. The Smarter Heroes is designed to enlist the collective strengths of each family in order to become a blessing to others. As part of our daily curriculum at Absorbent Minds Montessori School, we consistently discuss how giving is an act everyone can do all year round. We encourage families to “game plan” about ways to become a blessing to those in need. A flame doubles its brightness when it ignites another. In that same spirit we would like you to tell us how your family is “doubling its brightness” by becoming a light in the lives of others in need. We hope you join forces with us and share your family’s story of how you have become a “Hero” in the lives of others. This information can be emailed to