Elementary Program

See our elementary program in action

Our Elementary program serves children ages 6-12 years old in grades 1st through 6th. Students entering our elementary program from other schools will be accepted on a probationary period to assess acclimation to the Montessori environment. Students will also be assessed on basic grade level skills. Full acceptance will be granted based on assessments, observations by the administrator and classroom teacher(s), and adjustment to the Montessori environment.

Our teachers are specially trained to encourage, engage and educate the whole child. Children are exposed to a variety of subjects: Geography, History, Cultural Studies, Language, Grammar, Geometry, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science, Music, Art, Handwriting and Physical Education. Students will be introduced to each subject and have the opportunity to dive deep into those of great interest.

Personal responsibility, self-respect, independence, resourcefulness, self-government; these are only few of the characteristics Montessori students develop in our prepared elementary environment. Students are challenged daily to set goals and work diligently toward achieving them. We believe that if the student is productive during their time in class, there is no need for homework. We believe that if the child is able to work with concrete materials using their hands they form lasting impressions and there is greater retention of knowledge. We believe children are capable of great things if given the opportunity to explore and discover everyday.

Teaching is the art and science of assisting discovery.