A Peek At Our Week- 11/20/23 – 11/24/23- Table Manners And Place Setting

This week in Aspen we discussed how we behave at the dinner table with our Table Manners lesson! During Line Time we took turns sharing “What to do” and “What not to do” at the dinner table! All the children agreed that proper manners included lots of please and thank yous!! They also talked a lot about the importance of sitting in a chair appropriately and using eating utensils correctly. We also read How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. We sure had a lot of fun discussing all the silly and rude things the Dinosaurs did in the book. Our Aspen parents sure have some super polite children!!

This week the Aspen students also practiced how to set a place setting at the dinner table with our Table Setting activity. They are pros! If you need a helper this Thanksgiving , ask your child to show you what they learned!

Extensions with the Red Rods and Number Rods!

Building the Binomial Cube on the lid with no guide!!

Discrimination of height with the Cylinder Blocks.

Labeling the Continent Map!

Building the Trinomial Cube on the table!

A big thank you to Lily for bringing in a special Thanksgiving Turkey craft!!

Coloring our Thankful Wheel project! We got to draw or write all the things we are thankful for!

Watching The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie with our friends from Buckeye and Cherry Blossom!!!

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