A Peek At Our Week- 10/17/22-10/21/22- Skeletons Are Skele-Fun!!

This week in Aspen, we learned all about our Skeletal System! The Aspen children studied the locations and the names of the bones in the human body. While learning the scientific names of our bones, we discovered many interesting fun facts! For instance, do you know where the largest bone in the human body is located? What about the location of the smallest bone in the human body? Ask your child, they are now Skeletal System experts! In class Aspen also engaged in a variety of skeletal Practical Life activities, scientific exploration, and reading classification work. Aspen spent the week labeling the parts of a human skeleton, comparing and contrasting different types of animal skeletons (plastic), and researching skeletal facts. We also had a visit from Mr. Bob Bones, our Skeletal System mascot! He spent the week working, researching, and teaching Aspen all about the skeletal system! It was Skele-Fun!!

This week in Kindergarten lesson, the kindergarteners learned all about insects, arachnids, and the parts of a leaf and a tree. They spent the week learning the names of the different parts while comparing and contrasting their charicteristics. In Readers Workshop, the Cardinals read the book Llama, Llama, Red Pajama and found rhyming words or sight words! They also practiced writing phonetic words from memory. Focusing on phonics and the skills they have acquired in Writers Workshop! We also studied the concept of sequencing and what comes next within the story The Little Red Hen. We also discussed words with “e” at the end or the “magic e”! The Chickadees focused on phonics and practiced their skills while utilizing their knowledge individually. We played the “Pick It, Say It” game! Chickadees picked a number out of a pumpkin and then read phonetic words from a column of their chosen number. Chickadees demonstrated amazing decoding skills and exhibited confidence while sounding out their words. One row even contained challenging “sh” phonograms! The Chickadees also read the book Llama Llama Red Pajama. In Writers Workshop the kindergarteners worked on their true stories. They learned that true stories tell who the story is about, where the story happened and what happened within the story.

Next week our topics will also be Halloween themed! We will be learning all about Bats and Cats while discussing Mammals!! Next week we will also have our Halloween celebration and Trunk or Treat on Friday! There will be more information sent out regarding our in class celebration next week! Have a great weekend!

Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin!

Using a sieve to scoop ping pong eyeballs out of a spooky pumpkin.

Using the tweezers to transfer bones!! “Bonus Challenge Time” -self discovered variation balancing bones using a bone to transfer other bones from one bowl to the other!

Mr. Bob Bones stopped by to teach us about our Skeletal System! He stayed and tried some of our Halloween themed activities!

Reading a good book with good friends!

More tweezer transferring fun!

Observing skeletons to compare and contrast differences and similarities!

Labeling the bones of our Skeletal System.

Getting ready for Cosmic Kids skeleton yoga with Mr. Bones!

Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 10/17/22

Our Focus Lesson:

We learned about Trees this week in the Cherry Blossom Class! We learned about the parts of a tree and what each of those parts does for the tree. We know that the roots suck up water and nutrients like a straw, the trunk holds the tree up, the branches hold the leaves, and the leaves make food for the tree! We also know that trees start out as small seeds but can grow for years and years and get very big!

When learning the Parts of a Tree, we begin with the Tree Puzzle in our Science area. We practice the 3 Period Lesson while naming the individual puzzle pieces. The child can then use their pincer grasp to complete the puzzle, giving them a hands on experience.
The next step is to complete a Parts of a Tree booklet. The children color each individual part of the tree and then label them. This work offers the opportunity for tracing the word or copy writing, furthering the growth of their fine motor skills while learning to identify the parts of the plant!
As we continue to grow in our study of the Parts of a Tree, the children will then trace and label the plant on their own. This work continues to encourage the growth of their fine motor skills by tracing and writing, while continuing to enforce the parts of a tree.

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms not only learned about trees this week, but they also studied leaves with Ms. Sam! They learned the different parts of a leaf – blade, veins, petiole, and stipules. Children observed leaves up close to observe the parts. We also made leaf rubbings and watercolor resist leaves.

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms continued their plant studies in Kindergarten Lesson with Mr. John! They studied trees, leaves, and flowers! In Handwriting, children practiced connecting letters together on the baseline to write words in cursive, this was very exciting stuff! In Writer’s Workshop, our young writers continued their work of writing true stories.

Enrichment Spotlight – Science with Mr. John!

Our science experiment this week was about density. Mr. John placed blue food coloring in a bottle of water, and then added baby oil. We shook and shook and shook the bottle to mix the water and oil, but they just won’t mix! Water is heavier than oil!

Peek Into Indoor Recess!

Playing Red Light, Green Light with Aspen!
We love to play Duck, Duck, Goose!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Fall!

Preschool Lesson: Halloween!

Kindergarten Lesson: Telling Time

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Important Dates:

Friday, October 28: Trunk or Treat!

Friday, November 11: Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for Students https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-20225

Peek In Our Week … Thee Buckeye Room … Week Of October 17, 2022

Thee Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
We learned fish are vertebrates or they have a backbone or a spine.  They are cold blooded (their body temperature changes to the temperature around them) and have slimy and scaly skin.  The unique thing about fish is that some fish are born alive and some fish are born with jelly eggs.  Some examples of fish are Trout, Bass, Sharks, and Swordfish.  And one more important point is that fish live in water.

Jabber Jaw

Did You Know?
It is physically impossible for you to lick your elbow.
This is because the average upper arm is too long for our tongues to be able to reach our elbows. Go on, try it. 

Message From Mr. John (Do you believe in the jinx?):

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 13 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish).

Know Your Languages (Swedish):

Specials Spot (Science/Density): Be sure to look in Transparent Classroom for more pictures of science.

Shake shake shake, shake your bottle (tune to KC and The Sunshine Band song). Oil and water do not mix and oil is less dense than water.
I challenged my students if they shake the bottle and it remained mixed for ten minutes I would give them a dollar. Wow! That caused a stir and some would say… chaos!!!

Peek In The Classroom:

He is working on the Number Rods. The Number Rods introduce the child to quantity 1–10 and their corresponding number names. Through exploration with the material, the child also develops concepts in sequence of number, combinations of 10 and basic arithmetic. The material consists of 10 wooden rods, divided into units by alternating colors of red and blue, progressing in 10 equal steps.
He is working on the South American puzzle map that is found in the Cultural Subject area. Maps are used in every type of classroom to help students memorize continents and countries, but memorization is only one benefit. Montessori students use these maps to gain a deeper, more rich understanding of how countries fit together and their relative sizes.
This boy traced the continent of South America, colored and labeled the countries.
These girls traced, colored, and labeled different animals. This activity enhances concentration and fine motor skills.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Birds

Letter Of The Week- J j

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bip

Next Language is Tagalog

Academic Enrichment aka Kindergarten:
This week we talked about the parts of plants, arachnids, and  insects.

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Telling Time To The Hour

Synonym Of The Week: COLD: freezing, chilly, frigid, frozen, cool  

Sight Words Of The Week: use your

Just some cool Kindergarten Students

Upcoming Events:
Halloween Party/Trunk or Treat: 
Friday, October 28, 2022 (details in email)

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THANKSGIVING BREAK- Wednesday, November 24 to Sunday November 28 (returning Monday, November 29)

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

The dreaded Orange Eyes
This guy is being stealth.
Goofy faces in thee Buckeye Room
If I did this I’d be in traction in the ER.

Your Child Says The Darndest Things (My sick dog):

A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 10/03/22-10/07/22- and 10/10/22-10/14/22 Pumpkins/ Living and Non-Living!!!

My apologies Aspen families; we have had quite the cold making it’s round through the Aspen Classroom, and I got behind on blog postings. Therefore, this week’s blog will contain two weeks worth of Aspen Room fun! Our thematic topics were Pumpkins and Living or Non-living, and we had so much fun exploring both of these units! Here goes our blog(s)!!

The week of 10/03/22, Aspen learned all about Pumpkins! We explored the life cycle of a pumpkin, discussed the parts of a pumpkin, and then reviewed fractions and took a look inside a pumpkin. The Aspen children used all of their senses (except for taste) to explore and observe a pumpkin up close! At the same time, we practiced our estimation skills by guessing how many seeds were inside our small and large Pumpkins. All of the children had some great guesses! In order to check our estimated guesses we spent the week gooping out our pumpkins and then sorted the seeds from the pulp! We definitely discovered our larger pumpkin contained a greater amount of seeds; however, we have not arrived at a number as we are STILL counting pumpkin seeds! During the work period, the Aspen students engaged in a variety of pumpkin themed follow up work, such as pouring pumpkin seeds, spooning pumpkins, washing a pumpkin, sequencing the stages of a pumpkin life cycle, and exploring a Halloween themed classification activity. We also sang some pumpkin themed songs together!

During the week of 10/03/22, Aspen also had their ASL (American Sign Language) lesson with Ms. Lauren! We learned how to sing the Hello Song in sign language. We also learned how to sign No, Yes, Thank You, and how to sign some of our favorite animals! We had so much fun! Ask your child about their ASL lesson! They learned their signs so quickly that we impressed Ms. Lauren!

In Kindergarten during the week of 10/03/22 , the Aspen children learned all about land and water forms. They learned how to identify, name, and define island, lake, cape, bay, peninsula, gulf, strait, and isthmus. The kindergarten students also engaged in a variety of follow-up work where they practiced what they learned during lessons. For example, the Aspen students were given a presentation on how to use the land and water forms in class so that they could use water to create an island and a lake, gaining hands on experience with geographical definitions. In Readers Workshop the kindergarten students continued to explore the rules of the English language. The Cardinals reviewed their sight words (puzzle words), read liteary passages to find and circle sight words, reviewed number words, and then they used their knowledge to complete a pumpkin life cycle booklet. With these booklets, they had to read and then color the pictures the color specified in the text. Cardinals also discussed the concept of letters that create blends and learned new phonograms. The Chickadees reviewed decoding skills and then played the “Guess It, Write It” game! We had a basket of objects and each child got to choose an object . We then said the name of each object, sounded it out (decoded it), and then wrote it on a dry erase board! They were super sleuths! I couldn’t trick them at all! I am so proud of both groups and all the progress they are making! During Writers Workshop, the kindergarteners shared the books they have spent the past few weeks creating and then read them to their classmates!

This week (10/10/22 -10/14/22) our thematic topic was Living and Non-Living. The Aspen children have been discussing all of the spooky Halloween decorations they either have at home or have seen throughout their neighborhood. Some of the children expressed that some decorations were so scary that they were afraid! As a result, we decided to determine just how scary these decorations actually are. We learned what characteristics classified a living Organism or a non-living thing! Aspen’s overall assessment was that the Halloween decorations were non-living; they do not eat or drink, produce waste, have movement, respond to stimuli, develop and grow, reproduce, or breathe (respiration). Therefore, they are not as scary as we originally thought! They are fake replicas and are non-living things! After learning the above, we tried classifying objects and pictures by categorizing them into two groups, living or non-living! We had so much fun determining how to classify things into these groups. We had many laughs trying to apply living characteristics to non-living objects.

During kindergarten lesson this week the kindergarteners explored the five animal kingdoms: mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. As they discovered the characteristics of each group, they also learned how to label the parts of an animal in each of these groups (horse, bird, turtle, fish, and frog). In Readers Workshop the Cardinals played the “Change It, Say It ” with phonograms, reviewed sight words from previous weeks, learned new sight words, and received a reader for their Book Buddy Bags! While reading the book together in Reading Group, we found our new sight words/high frequency words in the text, and began reading comprehension work and sequencing. The Chickadee Group continued their exploration of phonics with the “Guess It, Write It ” game and worked on activities in their Book Buddy Bags. In Writers Workshop the kindergarteners continued to explore literary concepts, brainstorming ideas , and refined their handwriting skills!

Next week our thematic topic is Skeletal System! We will learn how to name the bones in our body and will discover why having a skeleton is so important!

Scrubbing Pumpkins!

Using tongs to transfer pumpkins.

Using tweezers to sort and count pumpkin seeds.

Practical Life fun pouring from cup to cup!

Sorting objects into two categories, living or non-living!

Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 10/10/22

Our Focus Lesson:

This week the Cherry Blossom Class continued their study of Animal Classification by focusing on Amphibians! We learned the characteristics of an amphibian: vertebrates, cold blooded, wet/moist skin, born from jelly eggs, live in the water and on land. We also learned the life cycle of a frog and the parts of a frog. Ask your child about the life cycle of a frog, they all know it!

This child traced and labeled the parts of an amphibian. What beautiful work!

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms learned about the different types of amphibians this week. They studied frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and axolotyls! They talked about what makes each amphibians different and how they are the same. Ms. Sam also read Frog on a Log to the class and the children practiced their rhyming skills!

We created watercolor resist frogs this week. Aren’t they cute?

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms studied Animal Classification this week during Kindergarten Lesson. They learned the characteristics of a horse, turtle, frog, bird, and fish! They learned the last of the curve letters in Handwriting and will be reviewing these letters next week. Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop continued hard work!

Reading group with Ms. Kelley! These Kindergarteners are working hard on isolating ending sounds!

Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

Practicing piano and forte by singing our favorite song, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Peek Into Worktime!

This younger Prescchooler is tracing lines and then writing her own, from ladybug to ladybug. Tracing lines helps develop fine motor skills and gives children the foundation for beautiful penmanship.
This Preschooler is practicing Copy Writing. Copy Writing gives the child the opportunity to copy words or sentences given to them in order to practice handwriting.
This child is writing numbers from 1 to 100. Writing numbers gives children the foundation for beautiful penmanship. Montessori emphasized that writing comes first, then reading.

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Trees

Preschool Lesson: Leaves

Kindergarten Lesson: Parts of a Plant

Important Dates:

Wednesday, October 19: Bring Your Parent to Work Day! 1 spot left! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-cblossom1

Friday, October 28: Trunk or Treat!

Friday, November 11: Parent Teacher Conferences – No School for Students.

Peek In Our Week %%% Thee Buckeye Room %%% Week Of October 10, 2022

Thee Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:

Amphibians- This week we looked at the Amphibian.  We talked about how the Amphibians are vertebrates, cold blooded (the body temperature changes to the temperature that surrounds the amphibian), their skin is soft and moist, and they are born from jelly eggs.  Some examples of Amphibians are toads, frogs, and salamanders.  We learned that the term amphibian means of two worlds.  Amphibians are born in the water but live their life on land.  Below is the ever so popular frog ichigan J. Frog…

After 50+ years this still makes me laugh.

Did You Know?: 

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine:

Cultural Subjects:

Your children can now count to ten in 12 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian).

Know you Languages (Romanian):

Enrichments (Sign Language):

Parents volunteering to teach ASL

Peek In The Classroom:

He is working on the Movable Alphabet which is a work in the Language area. The moveable alphabet is a key material used in the Montessori approach to reading and writing. The moveable alphabet gives a child the ability to express himself in written words, without being able to hold and write with a pencil.
Ms. Angela working on the Brown Stairs with an audience.
He is working on the Number Rods found in the Math area. This activity teaches the child the concept of quantities 1 – 10 and their names.
This student is practicing pouring with a funnel. Look at his concentration.

Peek Into Next Week:

Line Time- Fish

Letter Of The Week- I i

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bin

Next Language is Swedish

Academic Enrichment:

Weekly Theme: This week we looked at the five animals which are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds. Look at the fancy dancy chart showing what makes that certain animal that certain animal.

Kinders pretending to be their favorite animals.

Next Week:

Weekly Theme: Parts Of Plants, Arachnids, and Insects

Synonym Of The Week: HOT, burning, scorching, blazing, boiling, sizzling

Sight Words Of The Week: she were

Upcoming Events:

Bring Your Parent To School- https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-bring3

Trunk Or Treat- Friday, October 28, 2022 (details in email)

P/T CONFERENCES- Friday, November, 11, 2022 (details to follow)   ****NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS ****

THANKSGIVING BREAK- Wednesday, November 24 to Sunday November 28 (returning Monday, November 29)

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

These are not shorts but sweat pants pulled up. He is resisting cold weather.
He looked different… His ears were lowered? NO He wasn’t wearing his glasses? NO He shaved his mustache? NO Oh, he got a hair cut!
You should have seen the other guy.
Older student are guiding a younger student.

Your Kids Say The Darndest Things (Mom and Dad):


Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 10/3/22

Our Focus Lesson:

This week we started talking about Animal Classification! We introduced Vertebrates and Invertebrates. We learned that Vertebrates have a backbone and are classified into 5 main groups – mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. We learned that Invertebrates do not have a backbone and are classified into many groups. We introduced some of the groups, but will focus on insects and arachnids this school year.

We added Vertebrate and Invertrbrate Cards to the Science area so the children could sort animals into their appropriate classifications. This Kindergartener completed some Copy Writing to share some information about Invertebrates.

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms learned about spiders this week! They talked about the life cycle of a spider, the parts of a spider, they counted spiders, and made spider books. We were very excited to make the connection between our Invertebrate lessons and our Spider lessons! And there was a visit from a friend of Mr. John’s…

We added spiders to our Ten Frame Counting work this week. This preschooler found a spider web on the playground and was so excited to see an egg sac in the middle of it!
Mr. John brought Charlotte, the Chilean rose tarantula, down to our classroom so we could observe the parts of a spider. We enjoyed getting a close up look at how the spider moved and pointing out the legs and spinnerets. We found out that Charlotte uses her venom to turn her cricket dinners into a goo like applesauce!

Kindergarten Lessons:

Mr. John introduced Kindergarteners to Land and Water Forms this week. My favorite landform is an island… somewhere warm. Ms. Tonya introduced our older Blossoms to curve cursive letters this week, practicing a, d, and g. Then they surprised Ms. Tonya by writing cursive words all week long!

In Reader’s Workshop, the children continued to be sound detectives to sound out words and reviewed color sight words. In Writer’s Workshop our young authors completed their first writing unit where they learned to be writers and learned how to make books! We wrapped up the unit by sitting in the author’s chair and reading one of our books to the group!

So proud of our young writers and how well they did sharing their books to the class!


A huge Happy Birthday to our Ms. Sam!

Peek Into Work Time!

This young preschooler is sorting apples by color. Early experiences in sorting things into groups help young learners to better observe how things are alike and different—essential early literacy and math skills.
This preschooler is using the Tens Board to compose numbers. This work helps a child to connect name, quantity, and symbol for the numbers 11-99
This Kindergartener is working with the Vowel Tree. The Vowel Tree is a tactile, engaging way to teach and practice decoding words. This manipulative can be used with beginning readers to more advanced readers. Originally developed as a Montessori material, the vowel tree reinforces skills for all learners; tactile learners, auditory learners, and visual learners.

Peek Into Next Week:

Focus Lesson: Amphibians

Kindergarten Lesson: Parts of Animals

Preschool Lesson: Frogs

Important Dates:

October 19: Bring Your Parent to Work Day

October 28: Trunk or Treat

A Peek At Our Week-09/26/22- 9/30/22- Aspen- The World Of Color!

This week it was all about color in the Aspen classroom! Aspen dove into the world of color by learning all about the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We experimented with color mixing, explored variations in colors with shades, tints, and hues, and learned the names of the colors in Spanish. During our lessons on colors, shades, and hues, Ms. Lindsey taught us all about the color wheel and the concept of warm and cool colors. We learned that if you add black to a color it creates a shade and if you add white to a color it creates a tint. At the same time, we learned many new vocabulary words such as monochromatic, analogous, and complimentary. As a follow-up work to this lesson, the Aspen children worked with a variety of art appreciation activities involving color classification and famous works of art. Upon further exploration of the above, we applied what we learned about color with our Color Mixing experimentation activity and the creation of suncatchers to learn about absorption.

In Kindergarten lesson, the kindergarteners have been focusing on the classification of their environment from largest to smallest (for example: galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, country, state, city, street, house). The kindergarteners have also been practicing learning their address. In Readers Workshop, the Chickadees continued their work with phonics playing the “Change It” Game and practiced combining groups of “sound clues” to form words. We then changed only one sound in each group of sound clues creating fun word combinations. The Chickadee group also read the book Fox in Socks together paying close attention to similar sounds and rhyming words. At the same time, we focused on the placement of our mouths, tongue, teeth, and lips when we repeated the sounds while rhyming. The Cardinal group focused on color words, number words, and sight words. The Cardinal group Kindergarten students then applied their knowledge of the above on a worksheet. The Cardinals also read the book Fox In Socks where we searched for phonograms (vowel teams, blends, and e at end words). In Writers Workshop, the kindergarteners finished their informational books and will read them aloud in class next week to their classmates.

Next week our thematic topic is Pumpkins!! We will learn how they grow, discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin, and have fun exploring our pumpkin filled Practical Life area! Speaking of pumpkins, thank you to all of the Aspen parents for making our field trip to Ramseyers so special and fun! You are all amazing!

C olor Mixing Fun!!!
Working with our warm and cool colors matching activity!

Using an eye dropper and watercolors to create pictures with water!

Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 9/26/22

Our Focus Lesson:

This week we studied pumpkins in preparation for our trip to Ramseyer Farms! We talked about the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin. We also tasted some more delicious treats – this time all pumpkin flavored! Using our 5 senses we determined that most pumpkin treats look brown, smell like pumpkin, sound like nothing, feel squishy, and taste delicious! Thank you again to all of our parents that donated special snacks to our class, we appreciate you!

Pumpkin Pie was definitely a thumbs up!
This Pumpkin Bread was absolutely delicious!
Everyone’s favorite part of the Pumpkin Roll was the cream cheese!
We wrapped up our 5 senses taste testing with Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms also learned about pumpkins this week! We sang pumpkin songs, danced pumpkin dances, read pumpkin stories, traced pumpkin shapes, and created a special pumpkin craft that you’ll see on the bulletin board very, very soon!

Kindergarten Lessons:

Our older Blossoms discussed where they live in the world with Mr. John this week. They learned that our galaxy is called the Milky Way and promised to bring Mr. John a Milky Way candy bar! They reviewed planet, continent, country, and state. They also practiced their address and completed learning how to form swing letters in Handwriting. Kindergarteners continued to grow in both Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop! They were sound detectives and practiced reading color words and number words with Ms. Kelley, while they worked on finishing their informational books in Writer’s Workshop with Ms. Tonya. Next week, our writers will read their books to the class and bring them home!

Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

We have settled right back into our music lessons with Ms. Lisa. We have reviewed our vocabulary words of piano, forte, adagio, and allegro. We sang some of our favorite songs and marched around the room.

Check Out Our Handwriting!

Our Handwriting area of the classroom is full of tools to help us learn how to write. This week many of our Blossoms chose to practice Handwriting with the dry erase board. You’ll notice many different stages of Handwriting in a Montessori classroom. Our younger students will begin with the letters they find in their name. Once they are comfortable with that we will introduce them to their names in cursive. Our older students work on each cursive letter individually, and finally learn how to connect cursive letters to form words!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Preschool Lesson: Spiders

Kindergarten Lesson: Land and Water Forms

Letter of the Week: a, m, s, t review

Important Dates:

MONDAY, October 3, is Ms. Sam’s Birthday!!!!!

October 7 & 19: Bring Your Parent to Work Day! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-cblossom

October 28: Trunk or Treat!

Peek In Our Week /// Thee Buckeye Room /// Week Of September 26, 2022

The Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
This past week we learned about Mammals.  Mammals are vertebrates (have a spine or backbone), warm blooded (their body temperature does not change), have hair or fur, live bearers, and eat/drink mother’s milk when young.  Some mammals live in the water such as dolphins and whales.  The only mammal that can fly is the bat! Cats, dogs, elephants, and rats are mammals.  Oh, and people are mammals as well. “Are we not men? We are MAMMALS………. “

I have to do this every year…. If you want to play Six Degrees Of Separation for DEVO, Mark Mothersbaugh’s (front man for DEVO) brother does the confirmation classes for my church.  Also, I do childcare at the church and I have cared for his niece’s children.  I know useless but interesting information.  Bonus trivia: Mark Mothersbaugh went to Woodridge High School.

Did you know?
Since football season is upon us it would be apropos to share this knowledge of the defensive term of “Blitz”.  The term “Blitz” comes from the German word blitzkrieg, which means, “lightning war.” In World War II, the Germans employed this tactic which emphasized mobile forces attacking with speed and surprise.

A Message From Mr. John (I got nothing):

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 10 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian).

Know Your Languages (Italian):

Enrichments (Music):

In music the children are playing Freeze March.

Peek In The Classroom:

She is working on her consonant blends.
The Addition Strip Board helps a child understand basic addition, and prepares a child for more abstract math. The set contains: a wooden board (12 squares by 18 squares) with the numerals 1-18 printed across the top; a wooden box contains 9 red wooden strips and 9 blue wooden strips of varying lengths both printed with the numerals 1 to 9.
A child watches another student peel carrots. A part of learning in a Montessori classroom is simply observing.
Ms. Angela giving a lesson on the Sandpaper Letters.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Reptiles

Letter Of The Week- G g

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bid

Next Language is Russian

Academic Enrichment aka kindergarten:
Biggest to smallest where we live- We discovered we live in the vast galaxy of the Milky Way (not the candy bar), then we are still in space and live in a group of planets called The Solar System. Then the planet we live is the planet Earth.  Once we touched down we found we live in the Northwestern Hemisphere and live on the continent of North America.  Once we found land we live in the country of The United States Of America and live in the great state of Ohio (Go Buckeyes).  We all live in Summit County but live in different cities and have different addresses and phone numbers. What a journey it was!

Kindergarten students pointing at their fave kindergarten teacher.

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Landforms

Synonym Of The Week: ACTIVE: lively, energetic, dynamic, vigorous

Sight Words Of The Week: you his

Upcoming Events:
Halloween Party/Trunk or Treat: Friday October, 28, 2022 —– Details coming soon

Frolic, Friends, and Fun:

By the look of his shirt this boy really enjoyed his lunch.
Yah shouldah seen the udder guy.
Free chiropractic care.
Cutey Patooties

Your Kids Say The Darndest Things (Grandma, Panera, and Chocolate):