Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 1/23/23

Our Focus Lesson: Internal Organs

This week, the Blossoms class learned all about their internal organs. We started with the brain, which we learned in the boss! The brain is responsible for sending important messages to the rest of the body, as well as making sure your body keeps breathing and your heart keeps pumping even when you’re asleep! We learned about the lungs, and how they are breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We then looked at the heart, and learned that it pumps blood throughout our bodies while the blood carries the oxygen brought in by the lungs. We wrapped up our study with everyone’s favorite lesson – the digestive system! We learned about the stomach and the intestines!

Preschool Lesson: Body Parts

Ms. Sam introduced us to our body parts, from our eyelashes to our ankles, we learned all kinds of new words! We had so much fun labeling Ms. Tonya’s body at the end of the week!

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms practiced more subtraction this week during Kindergarten lesson. Our readers continued studying phonemes and phonograms, and using transition words in their books during Writer’s Workshop. In Handwriting, our kinders completed the lowercase alphabet! We’ll spend the next few weeks practicing writing words, and then we’ll begin uppercase letters!

Grandparent’s Day:

Thank you so much to all of the grandparents that came to visit us! We loved showing you what we do in the classroom, and hope that you enjoyed your science lesson with Mr. John!

Peek Into Next Week:

Focus Lesson: Our Skeleton

Preschool Lesson: The Number 100!

Kindergarten Lesson: Subtraction

Important Dates:

Friday, February 3: 100th Day of School! We are celebrating being 100 days smarter by dressing up like we are 100 years old! We will also be having a pizza party on this day. You can follow this link to sign up for some more items we’ll need at lunch. Thank you!

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