Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 2/6/23

Our Focus Lesson & Preschool Lesson: Dinosaurs

We learned about Dinosaurs this week! Our new vocabulary that we were introduced to is herbivore, carnivore, extinct, paleontologist, and fossils. This was certainly a favorite topic for our kiddos! We spent the whole week asking questions and sharing what we know about dinosaurs with our friends. We read books, watched paleontologists at work, and discussed our favorite dinosaurs. Everyone has a favorite dinosaur, what is yours?

Ms. Brandy from the elementary classroom let us borrow her BIG dinosaur books! We enjoyed looking at all of the pictures inside!
We used paint and straws to create a volcano exploding!

Enrichment Spotlight:

In Music Class, Ms Lisa used a slide whistle to teach us about high and low sounds in music.
In Art Class, Ms. Varela had us look for patterns and designs on clay pots. This is the beginning step to our clay pot lessons! We’ll be designing our pots and then building them with clay!
Science lessons with Mr. John is our favorite part of Thursday!

Valentine’s Day!

We designed bird and dinosaur Valentines to send to residents at a local nursing home.
We also created these adorable “I Love You to Pieces” artwork to bring home to our families!
We collected data and created a bar graph using conversation hearts! Then we got to eat them!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Winter

Preschool Lesson: Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation

Kindergarten Lesson: Division

Important Dates:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 – NO SCHOOL, Teacher Inservice Day

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20 – NO SCHOOL, President’s Day

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