Peak In Our Week +++ Thee Buckeye Class +++ Week Of January 31, 2023

Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
The class went green for the week learning about recycling, conserving energy, and pollution.  I explained that pollution was anything that made our environment dirty.  We learned there is littering.  Littering can be people throwing trash on the side of the road or dropping a candy wrapper in the woods.  We now know that we need to put trash in an appropriate container.  We learned that air pollution is created by factories’ smokestacks and cars exhaust,  but cars are just one of the factors that produce air pollution, there are also other reasons.  Water Pollution is caused by factories dumping chemicals in the water or people throwing trash in the water instead of putting it in a trash can.  The 3 R’s were introduced and now we all know to reduce, reuse and recycle!  We thought of ways to conserve energy.  We came up with turning off lights in rooms we are not in or turning off the TV if we are not watching it.  We thought of turning off the water while we are brushing our teeth or turning down the heat and wearing a sweater instead.  During the kindergarten lesson a student realized the room was just as light with the lights off as it was if the lights were on.  Now we do our kindergarten lesson without lights.

Did you know? (I Really Don’t Know Clouds, At All)…One of my guilty pleasures. Originally written by Joni Mitchell at age 23 she stated that her lyrics were way beyond her years. Lyrically this is an awesome song. I digress
A cloud can weigh more than a million pounds.

Clouds are not as light and fluffy as they appear. In fact, researchers have found that a single clouds weigh more than 1.1 million pounds. How do they know? Well, that number is calculated by taking the water density of a cloud and multiplying it by its volume. Fortunately, the cloud can still “float” at that weight because the air below it is even heavier.

A Message From Mr. John: Audio Only video Not Working

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 22 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, Welsh, Dutch/Flemmish, Polish)

Know Your Languages (Polish): Audio Only video Not working

Chinese New Year: ( (新年好) /Mandarin)  |  ( 恭喜发财/Cantonese)

A visit from our favorite Dental Hygenist, Taylor from Dr. Pollock’s office.

Peek In The Classroom:

He is very proud completing the 45 layout. This layout will help your child to visualize and develop an understanding of place value, order of numbers, and concentration. This work is very large and can take some time.
We are practicing exchanging and we exchange at 10. That is why 10 is the magic number!
He is practicing identifying symbols and writing what he found.
Continuing to measure, track, and draw our data.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Presidents Of The USA

Letter Of The Week- T t

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bed

Next Language is Serbo-Croation

Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme: 
Subtraction with borrowing (dynamic)

They are not in the Vogue video but demonstrating the Subtraction sign.

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Division without borrowing (static).

Synonym Of The Week: FAT: overweight, big, bulky, heavy, plump

Sight Words Of The Week:  more these

Upcoming Events:
A few days off and other stuff.

-No School:
Friday, February 17th (Teacher In Service day)
-No School: Monday, February 20th (President’s Day)

Akron Art Museum Field Trip:  Thursday, March 9 (from 9am to 12pm)  IT IS FREE! (Details To Follow)

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

These past few weeks we’ve experienced the faces of sickness.
Happy Ground Hog’s Day.
He is ready for summer.
I have no idea how you get food on your forehead. It is probably in my best interest not to ask.

Your Kids say The Darndest Things (The Boy Who Loved Cheesecake):
reminds me of this……

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