A Peek Into Reading Group

This last week the kindergartners listened to another Mo Willems book called We Are in a Book!.  In this book Piggie and Elephant (Gerald) figure out that they are in a book and readers are reading them. They start interacting with the reader and make him/ her say words. Gerald and Piggie are very entertained by the fact that they can make the reader say silly words. The kindergartners were entertained as well and thought the characters were hilarious. They were so excited that they wanted me to read the story again!

After the readings the students got to share what they thought about the book and discussed how the characters were feeling throughout the story. They wrote and drew about what they were wondering about after the first reading. For the last reading group, they made Piggie and Elephant puppets and acted out the story while I read. The students were thoroughly engaged during the readings of the Piggie and Elephant series. It was a joy to teach reading group this year and see the kindergarteners grow in their reading skills. I hope you all have a fun and safe summer!

Academic Enrichment | Week of May 13th | Tallmadge

Adverb: The kindergarten students learned that an adverb is a word that describes a verb and usually ends in “ly”.

Cursive Handwriting: The students practiced writing the lowercase cursive words: left bag, wag fast, bell top, big craft, pop it and cut sod.

A peek into next week: conjunctions

A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks the students listened to a Mo Willems book, My New Friend is So Fun. In the story, Gerald and Snake are talking about how their best friends Piggie and Brian Bat just met and are having fun. Gerald and Snake start to worry that their best friends are having fun without them and that they will lose their best friends. They go find Piggie and Brian Bat and it ends up that they were drawing pictures of Snake and Gerald together. The two aren’t worried anymore and tell them to have fun.

The kindergarteners worked on evaluative activities after the readings to enhance their comprehension of the story. They drew pictures of scenes from the book and wrote responses from writing prompts. For our last reading they decided to read along with me, and even used proper inflection based on the punctuation.

The kindergartners are drawing a picture of Piggie and Brian Bat having best friend fun.


A Peek Into Next Week

-The students will listened to another Mo Willems book called We’re In A Book.

-The students will be making puppets to act out the story while I read.

-Next week will be the last reading group of the year.

Academic Enrichment | Week of April 29th | Tallmadge

Pronoun: The kindergarten students learned that a  pronoun is a word that takes the place of a particular person or thing. For example the word “dog” is a noun and the words “it” “she” and “he” are pronouns that can replace the noun “dog”.

Cursive Handwriting: The students practiced writing the lowercase cursive words: cot, bag, stop, frog, bell, will.

A peek into next week: Adjectives

A Peek Into Reading Group

After returning from spring break, we started reading books from the library for reading group. Our first book was A Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems. This story is from the Elephant and Piggie series. In the book, Piggie tells Elephant (Gerald) that a big guy took the ball that he found. Gerald tells him that he will get the ball back for him. Well, Gerald finds out just how BIG this “big guy ” is. He ends up being a whale and the ball belonged to him. The big guy was sad because no one would play with him. Instead of getting mad, Piggie and Gerald invite the whale to play together.

The kindergartners particiated in activities that went along with the story. They wrote their own questions about the story, drew pictures of their interpretations of the how the characters felt and diferent scenes, along with particitpated in discussions. By the last reading of the book, they were all reading the story along with me!


A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The Kindergartner will be listening to another Elephant and Piggie book.

-The students will be participating in interpretive and evaluative acivites.

Academic Enrichment | Week of April 15th | Tallmadge

Nouns/Verbs: The students learned that a noun is a person, place , or thing. And that a verb is an action word or something that you can do.

Cursive Handwriting: The students practiced writing the lowercase cursive words: top, best, wag, rod, kit and wet.

A peek into next week: Pronouns

Academic Enrichment | Week of April 8th | Tallmadge

Vowels and consonants: The students learned to recognize and distinguish vowels from consonants, which is an important step in the development of reading and writing skills. We talked about how all words contain at least one vowel. The students were quickly able to recognize the vowels, which is great because they will have a strong foundation for learning rules and spelling patterns for short and long vowels, final vowels, unaccented vowels, silent vowels and irregular spellings.

Cursive Handwriting: The students practiced writing the lowercase cursive words: last, frisk, grab, kid, hat and quest.

A peek into next week: Nouns and Verbs

A Peek into Reading Group | Tallmadge

The kindergartners listened to the poem Where Would You Be. It was about where you would want to be during a storm. They discussed how they felt about storms and where they would rather be. We also discussed how the speaker describes the storm and why he/she used those specific descriptors.

Throughout the story the group got to write down their thoughts about the poem, drew what the storm looked like, and even wrote their own poem about specific weather.

Here are the kindergartners writing their own poem.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-More information will be sent out for what we will be doing the rest of the school year.

A Peek Into Reading Group

The kindergarteners listened to the Tin Forest over the past two weeks.  The story was about an older man who lived outside a dump.  He was very lonely and dreamed that he lived in another place. One day he got the idea to create his own forest.  He built a forest made of tin.  Suddenly,  animals started to appear and real flowers and plants started blooming,  and the man never felt lonely again.

The kindergarteners participated in activities to enhance their comprehension skills.  They wrote about what they were wondering while they hard the story for the first time,  drew a  couple scenes from the story, and wrote about if they were the bird in the story,  would they return with their friend. For homework,  the group took home a piece of foil and got to create something just like the man from the story.  The foil creations are are hanging up in the hallway!  Make sure to check them out!

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

– Reading Group will reconvene after spring break.