Academic Enrichment | week of April 3rd | Tallmadge

Vowels and consonants: The students learned to recognize and distinguish vowels from consonants, which is an important step in the development of reading and writing skills. We talked about how all words contain at least one vowel. The students were quickly able to recognize the vowels, which is great because they will have a strong foundation for learning rules and spelling patterns for short and long vowels, final vowels, unaccented vowels, silent vowels and irregular spellings.

This child is coloring, cutting and pasting vowels and consonants in different fish tanks.
This child is looking at objects to compose words. He is using a blue marker to identify the vowels and a red marker to identify consonants in each word.
These children are saying the word of an object then phonetically spelling them using the movable alphabet. They are also labeling the vowels and consonants as they practice writing each word. 

A peak into next week: Nouns and verbs

A Peek Into Reading Group

This last week we read a poem about a storm. We listened for rhyming words through out the poem and practiced reading the purple highlited words. We discussed if we have ever seen a big storm like the speaker did in the poem. They talked about where they would like to be when their was a storm. They said they woukd like to be inside with their parents. The kindergartners created their own poem, and drew pictures of one of the types of stroms mentioned in the poem.

After Spring Break

-The students will be starting the next series in the Junior Great Books series. There will be different assignments and the format will look different. I will send out more information after spring break.

Academic Enrichment | week of March 19th | Tallmadge

Construction Boxes: The students used the constructive triangles in these boxes to learn that all plane geometric figures can be constructed from triangles. They worked with two different rectangular boxes, a triangle box, and a large and a small hexagon box. Each box they used contained triangles of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They used the boxes to explore and set a foundation for later concepts such as equivalency, similarity, and congruency.

A Peek Into Reading Group

These last two weeks, we read a story called The Tin Forest. It was about an old man who lived far away from anyone and lived amongst trash. At night he would dream about a beautiful forest with plants and animals. He decided one day to build the forest of his dreams out of the trash. The students got to participate in  vocabulary activities to enhance their understanding of the words, discuss questions about the strory, and complete writing prompts. They really enjoyed acting out the scene where the old man builds the forest out of trash.

A Peek Into Next Week

-The students will listen to a poem about a stormy night.

-The students will learn vocab words: howling, prowling, and whine.

-The students will to write their own poem.

Academic Enrichment | week of March 12th | Tallmadge

Geometric Solids: The kindergarten students learned the names for all ten of the geometric wooden solids: triangular prism, rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, cone, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, sphere, ellipsoid and ovoid.

Identifying and labeling the geometric solids
Identifying and labeling the geometric solids by touch
Identifying and labeling the geometric solids by touch
Identifying and labeling the geometric solids by touch

A peak into next week: Construction boxes

Academic Enrichment | week of March 5th | Tallmadge

Shapes- The students learned that there are different types of triangles (equilateral, scalene and isosceles). They also learned the names of polygons such as: 3: triangle 4: quadrilateral 5: pentagon 6: hexagon 7: heptagon 8: octagon 9: nonagon and 10: decagon.

Tracing and labeling an isosceles triangle (a triangle that has two sides of equal length.)
Tracing and labeling a scalene triangle (a triangle that has three unequal sides.)
Tracing and labeling  a pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and decagon.

A peak into next week: Geometric Solids

A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks we read a story of a little girl who got to go buy eggs all by herself for the first time. Her parents told her not to dilly-dally and come right home. On her way home, she wanted to pick apples and ended up dropping the eggs and breaking them. Her parents found out, but showed her grace and forgiveness. The kindergartners practiced reading the purple highlighted words, and continued to practice discussing and listening to each other. They participated in reading comprehension activities by drawing pictures, writing responses, and acting out a scene where Hetty walks across the stream with the eggs. At the end of the story, the group filled out an evaluation on how well they worked in discussion. They came up with a goal to listen to friends’ ideas and reasons.


A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will read a story of a man who dreams of a different life.

-The students will participate in vocabulary activities.

-The students will learn about the genre fantasy fiction.

Academic Enrichment | week of February 26th | Tallmadge

Money-  The students were introduced to different coins ( (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) and their values. They were able to explore different coins sensorially and learn how much they are all worth. The students also practiced  grouping different coins to count their value when put together. We would like to share some details and informations on how drop domestic violence charges are made.

Matching pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to their written value.
Coin Rubbing

A Peak Into Next Week- Shapes

A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks, we read a story called Screen of Frogs. It was about a lazy man who didn’t want to work. The moral of the story was that our actions affect others, and hard work goes a long way.

The kindergartners acted out a scene where the frog grabs the man’s leg. They had to react how they thought Koji would act. They responded to interpretive questions and completed worksheets that went along with the story. The kindergartners shared ideas with each other and even did an evaluation on how well they listened to each other.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will listen to a story of a girl who gies to the store by herself for thr first time.

-The students will continue to work on evaluative questions.

-The students will learn vocab words: stumbled, examined, and nudged.

Academic Enrichment | week of February 19th | Tallmadge

Fractions: The kindergarten students have been learning how to identify fractions from whole to eighths. We have been talking about what the numerator and denominator are and why they are important. The students have been having fun figuring out equivalences and sensorially adding fractions together.

Fraction Skittles: Identifying and labeling fractions.
Equivalences: This student is proud that he discovered 1/2+1/4+1/4=1 whole.
Sensorially making equivalences using fraction tiles.

Project: These students are researching plants, flowers and animals from Africa.


A peak into next week: Money (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars)