A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks we read a story of a little girl who got to go buy eggs all by herself for the first time. Her parents told her not to dilly-dally and come right home. On her way home, she wanted to pick apples and ended up dropping the eggs and breaking them. Her parents found out, but showed her grace and forgiveness. The kindergartners practiced reading the purple highlighted words, and continued to practice discussing and listening to each other. They participated in reading comprehension activities by drawing pictures, writing responses, and acting out a scene where Hetty walks across the stream with the eggs. At the end of the story, the group filled out an evaluation on how well they worked in discussion. They came up with a goal to listen to friends’ ideas and reasons.


A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will read a story of a man who dreams of a different life.

-The students will participate in vocabulary activities.

-The students will learn about the genre fantasy fiction.

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