A Peek Into Reading Group

This last week the kindergartners listened to another Mo Willems book called We Are in a Book!.  In this book Piggie and Elephant (Gerald) figure out that they are in a book and readers are reading them. They start interacting with the reader and make him/ her say words. Gerald and Piggie are very entertained by the fact that they can make the reader say silly words. The kindergartners were entertained as well and thought the characters were hilarious. They were so excited that they wanted me to read the story again!

After the readings the students got to share what they thought about the book and discussed how the characters were feeling throughout the story. They wrote and drew about what they were wondering about after the first reading. For the last reading group, they made Piggie and Elephant puppets and acted out the story while I read. The students were thoroughly engaged during the readings of the Piggie and Elephant series. It was a joy to teach reading group this year and see the kindergarteners grow in their reading skills. I hope you all have a fun and safe summer!

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