A Peek Into Reading Group

After returning from spring break, we started reading books from the library for reading group. Our first book was A Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems. This story is from the Elephant and Piggie series. In the book, Piggie tells Elephant (Gerald) that a big guy took the ball that he found. Gerald tells him that he will get the ball back for him. Well, Gerald finds out just how BIG this “big guy ” is. He ends up being a whale and the ball belonged to him. The big guy was sad because no one would play with him. Instead of getting mad, Piggie and Gerald invite the whale to play together.

The kindergartners particiated in activities that went along with the story. They wrote their own questions about the story, drew pictures of their interpretations of the how the characters felt and diferent scenes, along with particitpated in discussions. By the last reading of the book, they were all reading the story along with me!


A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The Kindergartner will be listening to another Elephant and Piggie book.

-The students will be participating in interpretive and evaluative acivites.

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