A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks the students listened to a Mo Willems book, My New Friend is So Fun. In the story, Gerald and Snake are talking about how their best friends Piggie and Brian Bat just met and are having fun. Gerald and Snake start to worry that their best friends are having fun without them and that they will lose their best friends. They go find Piggie and Brian Bat and it ends up that they were drawing pictures of Snake and Gerald together. The two aren’t worried anymore and tell them to have fun.

The kindergarteners worked on evaluative activities after the readings to enhance their comprehension of the story. They drew pictures of scenes from the book and wrote responses from writing prompts. For our last reading they decided to read along with me, and even used proper inflection based on the punctuation.

The kindergartners are drawing a picture of Piggie and Brian Bat having best friend fun.


A Peek Into Next Week

-The students will listened to another Mo Willems book called We’re In A Book.

-The students will be making puppets to act out the story while I read.

-Next week will be the last reading group of the year.

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