A Peek Into Reading Group

The kindergarteners listened to the Tin Forest over the past two weeks.  The story was about an older man who lived outside a dump.  He was very lonely and dreamed that he lived in another place. One day he got the idea to create his own forest.  He built a forest made of tin.  Suddenly,  animals started to appear and real flowers and plants started blooming,  and the man never felt lonely again.

The kindergarteners participated in activities to enhance their comprehension skills.  They wrote about what they were wondering while they hard the story for the first time,  drew a  couple scenes from the story, and wrote about if they were the bird in the story,  would they return with their friend. For homework,  the group took home a piece of foil and got to create something just like the man from the story.  The foil creations are are hanging up in the hallway!  Make sure to check them out!

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

– Reading Group will reconvene after spring break.



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