Take A Peek Into Our Week/ Ms.Kate/January 15,2020

This week was all about Ice and snow! (Lol,go figure). We read some fantastic books and watched some interesting videos about how icicles are formed, how many points a snowflake has, what a blizzard is, the different shapes a snowflake can form, fun crafts and science experiments that were all about snow and ice!!! Let’s hope we get some snow soon so our kiddos can play in it!!!

Yesterday we had parents come in for ” take your parent to work day.” If you haven’t signed up for this you need to!! Spend 30 minutes with your child as they are working in the classroom. It’s so amazing to see all that they can do!!
Our brand new friend is working on our sandpaper numbers. The purpose of the sandpaper numbers is to teach the children the symbols that represent each number, allowing them to visually identify any number from 0 to 9.
One of our Kindergarten students is working on number formation. The purpose of this work is to learn the hierarchy of the numbers in the decimal system. To associate quantity and symbol. And to learn to put numbers of larger quantity into sequence.
This little cutie here is working on our Four Season cards. When working on this work the child is learning about each season, and also how to place the cards into different categories.
When working on the teen board the child is going to learn to connect the name and symbol of that teen number.


No school January 17 and 20th!!

12/15 Weekly Enrichment Spotlight

Weekly Enrichment Spotlight

This week in science class, Mr. John taught us about density. We put one egg in salt water and one egg in fresh water. The egg in the salt water floated, and the egg in the fresh water sank! Thanks for a fun science experiment!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/December 13,2019

Today’s the big day!!! Your kiddos have been working so hard on the Christmas show!!! We are all so excited! ! This week our theme was Christmas around the world!! We learned all of the different traditions and how people celebrate in England, Russia, Germany, China, and in South America. It was so cool learning all about the different ways they celebrate Christmas in other countries!! Ms. Amanda had such great crafts that went along with the different countries. It was so much fun !!

This work helps the child memorize the essential combinations in addition. The various charts give the possibility of repetition, which helps to fix these in the memory of the child. 
When working on different word lists it helps the child associate words with the same anomalies with each other, thereby making reading phonograms easier.  
The sandpaper letters teach the child the sounds of the alphabet. When working on this the child is encouraged to trace the symbol over and over again until the shape of the letter becomes a part of the childs muscle memory. 


Tonight is the Christmas show!! Please get to the high school at 530 sharp!!!

Next week is christmas fun week!!

Monday- christmas socks day

Tuesday – dress as your favorite Christmas character

Wednesday – wear red and green

Thursday – christmas sweater or shirt day

Friday – pj and show and tell day!!

12/2 Weekly Enrichment Spotlight

Weekly Enrichment Spotlight

In art class, Ms. Dana has been teaching us about warm and cool colors! We had such a fun time using blocks to paint with!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/ Ms. Kate/November 21, 2019

Happy Friday everyone!!!

We had such a fantastic week learning all about being thankful!! Together we read some amazing books that taught them what it really means to be thankful. We also had a great discussion  on wants vs’s needs!! Your kiddos did such a great job on this, so we decided to make a chart out of it!! Together we also created our own class book about everything we are thankful for. It’s in our library, so come check it out!!! Ms. Amanda also had our friends create different crafts that gave them a better understanding of what it means to be thankful:)

Take a look at our wants vs needs chart up above and down below our class is working hard drawing and writing what they are thankful for.

The movable alphabet is such an awesome tool that teaches reading, spelling, and writing. It’s one of my favorite works!
The purpose of the sandpaper letters is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory. The child is encouraged to trace the symbol over and over again until the shape of the letter becomes part of the childs muscle memory.
One of our Kindergarten students is working on our North America puzzle. He is taking his time coloring and labeling the different countries .  

Acedemic Enrichment Corner:

Weekly Theme:
We learned how to multiple to the thousand static/column without carryovers with manipulatives. I told the students that multiplication is merely adding multiple times. We learned what the multiplicand and multiplier are.
 X for multiplication
We practiced writing in cursive three letter words cat, red, pit, mop, cup
Cultural Subjects:
We now can count to ten in 19 languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili).
Next Week:
Weekly Theme: GO BUCKEYES
Synonym Of The Week:
Sight Words Of The Week: 
Adding no languages to the languages
Reading group: 
This week in reading group we started a new book called Waiting Is Not Easy. Together we read the book and talked about what we were wondering about durine the story. They then wrote out their answers in their booklets. We also led a discussion about a time that we all felt tired of waiting for something and how we felt during that time. We had a blast!!!