October, 2019

Kate Case

These past two weeks have been SPOOKTACULAR! We had the best time learning about the differencs between an arachnid and an insect. We also had fun creating a tree web together!  I was so proud of how well your kiddos remembered all of the different spider facts! They also had fun making different spider crafts:) This week the kids had a BLAST making their own Halloween decorations for the classroom party!We also worked really hard on the different chores, such as dusting, taking out the trash, cleaning the tables, sweeping, vacuming, and more! When children are doing chores it helps them to incur a sense of purpose at a young age. It also helps them gain their own independence.

All of our friends are having a blast dusting, rolling mats, and vacuming!
our friend is working on creating a landform booklet. When doing this he is learning all about an island, bay, cape, gulf, peninsula, strait, archipelago, and isthmus.
Our friends are crafting up a storm this week!!!
Candy corn fun!
The key purpose of the Movable alphabet is to prepare children for writing, reading, and spelling. The child’s use of the material progresses from single words, to phrases, and eventually stories. 


Please make sure to place your child’s costume in their backpack or in a labled bag. They do not have to bring in a trick o treat bag because we made them in class. 11:30 our pizza party will start, followed by costume change. If you have any questions at all please ask!

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