December, 2019

Kate Case

Today’s the big day!!! Your kiddos have been working so hard on the Christmas show!!! We are all so excited! ! This week our theme was Christmas around the world!! We learned all of the different traditions and how people celebrate in England, Russia, Germany, China, and in South America. It was so cool learning all about the different ways they celebrate Christmas in other countries!! Ms. Amanda had such great crafts that went along with the different countries. It was so much fun !!

This work helps the child memorize the essential combinations in addition. The various charts give the possibility of repetition, which helps to fix these in the memory of the child. 
When working on different word lists it helps the child associate words with the same anomalies with each other, thereby making reading phonograms easier.  
The sandpaper letters teach the child the sounds of the alphabet. When working on this the child is encouraged to trace the symbol over and over again until the shape of the letter becomes a part of the childs muscle memory. 


Tonight is the Christmas show!! Please get to the high school at 530 sharp!!!

Next week is christmas fun week!!

Monday- christmas socks day

Tuesday – dress as your favorite Christmas character

Wednesday – wear red and green

Thursday – christmas sweater or shirt day

Friday – pj and show and tell day!!

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