A Peek At Our Week: Week of August 23 , 2021, Welcome Back!!!

Hello and welcome to the Aspen Room!  Even though this was not a full week of school it has been one busy and amazing week in the Aspen Room.  It has been so great seeing familiar faces and the smiles of returning students and families from last year. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting all of the students and families new to the Aspen Room!  Each week Sandy and I will be sharing information, pictures, events, and news of  what has happened or what will happen in the Aspen Room.   Here is our very first 2021-2022 Aspen Room Blog!!!

This week we have been focusing on the daily/weekly routines of the classroom as well as the general How To’s of a Montessori classroom.  The children have been learning how to sit properly on the line for group lessons while being respectful of others when they are talking and sharing  their thoughts, opinions, ideas and stories.  Therefore, we all practiced raising our hands and speaking one at a time.  We sure have some respectful and kind students in the Aspen Room!  All the children modeled super respectful behavior and even raised their hands to ask questions.  We also learned how to unroll and roll our rugs when working with materials/activities on the floor and practiced how to walk around the rugs safely during the work period.

The Aspen Room children are very curious and very eager to learn.  As a result, the work period was busy with presentations showing all of our new students many of the exciting activities the classroom has to offer.  Your children were working very hard and I am sure they were super tired when you picked them up from school.  They have worked so hard in a short amount of time and are becoming familiar with both the routine and general rules of the classroom.  Returning students have been amazing showing our new friends around the room!   They have helped present materials, teach rules, and provided moral support when a new student needed a friend or had a question.  All of the Aspen Room children are amazingly excited to learn.  It is going to be a great year!

Next week, the Aspen Room will be continuing to learn Procedural Lessons and will recieve lots of new presentations during our work period. I am sure your children have shared so much with you about their work and activities throughout their day.  Unsure about an activity?  Want to know more?  Check out Transparent Classroom it has an amazing section that you can select and read all about a work.  It will explain the procedure and what the intention or skill it teaches. Of course, you can also ask us!!  We love sharing the Montessori method with students and parents.  Have a great weekend!!


Showing a new friend how to use our playdoh activitiy and the utensils.
Learning how to use the Sand Tray to trace and write sounds with the Sandpaper Letters!
Working on Phonograms with the Phonogram Tree!


Comparrison of height with the Pink Tower and The Broad Stair!


Introducing our classroom Peace Table. This table is for moments of reflection, calming the mind, or some time alone. Activities at this table will change from time to time and will promote relaxation, calming the mind, and centering oneself before returning to the classroom activities. Friends choosing to work at the Peace Table may not be interrupted or distracted thus giving them the alone time they choose or needed.

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