A Peek At Our Week: September 7, 2021 – A Reason For Seasons!!

Hello Aspen families!! It has been a very busy week for us in the Aspen Room. Your children have been so busy learning new and exciting things and have been working so hard within the classroom during the work period.  We are all settling into our routines and have become comfortable navigating the classroom with many of us establishing new friendships.  This week the Aspen class learned all about Seasons!!  During group lesson we learned why we have seasons, the names of each season, and discussed the many characteristics of each season.  As we discussed seasons we engaged in a really cool experiment with our Painted Globe and a flashlight!  We pretended that our flashlight was the sun and used our globe to illustrate why we have seasons.  As we explored this science experiment we also dicovered why we experience day and night.  Ask your child about what they learned with this activity.

This week we also learned a few new Spanish words!  We sang our days of the week song and then learned it in Spanish!  At the same time, we reviewed all of the Spanish words we learned last week. Lev and Kat also taught us The Good Morning Song in Russian! The Aspen Room also got to visit the AMMS School Library and had their very first library lesson with Ms. Cat!  We had so much fun learning about books and listening to stories. This week we also visited the AMMS Science Lab and had our very first science class with Mr. John!  In science we learned about what scientists do, what a hypothesis is, and then participated in an experiment with vinegar, baking soda, and a balloon.  It sure was a fun filled and busy week in the Aspen Room.

Next week our lessons will be the parts of the tree and their functions.  We will also learn to identify different types of trees.  Kindergarten students have been learning about globes, maps, hemispheres, and directions,  They have also learned the terms Equator and Prime Meridan.  They will continue to explore and expand upon these concepts next week.  See you next week!!


Tracing the continents from the Continent Puzzle Map!


Working on, The Reason For Seasons science experiment!


Associating quantity with their corresponding symbols.



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