Peek At Our Week: September 27, 2020- Pumpkins!


Hello Aspen families!!  This week it was All About Pumpkins in the Aspen room. We learned how they grow, where they grow, studied the life cycle of a pumpkin, and watched a How They Grow: Pumpkins video on YouTube.   At the same time, we also practiced our fine motor skills with a variety of pumpkin themed activities from our Practical Life shelf! We practiced pumpkin patterns, pouring pumpkin seeds, spooning pumpkins, transferring pumpkins using tongs, and scrubbing pumpkins. We also discussed the parts of a pumpkin and cut open pumpkins and a squash to observe each part. Ask your child about our pumpkin botany tray.  Finally, the Aspen  class explored number concepts counting pumpkin seeds!

The Kindergarten  students have been discussing the vocabulary of location of where they live from largest to smallest.  For example,  Galaxy, Cluster of Planets, Hemisphere, Continent, County,  State, County,  City, and Street Address.  They have also been practicing writing their address.  Next week the kindergarten students will be learning all about land forms!

In reading group we continued to practice CVC words or consonant vowel consonant phonetic words! We first discussed what consonants and vowels were and then took turns sounding out phonetic words practicing being “Sound Detectives”. A Sound Detective uses sound(letter) clues when reading a word. They were all amazing detectives so to challenge them more we discussed how our language has many words that do not follow our phonetic rules! Therefore,  we discussed that sometimes being a good sound detective requires us to learn new sound rules like letter teams.   The kindergarten students then practiced sounding out words with letter teams like SH, FL, ST, and EE. In Montessori we call these letter teams phonograms. This week the kindergarteners also began work with their handwriting journal pages! We practiced forming each letter by sky writing with our hands and then practiced on lined paper. They learned the names of each line and where to form the lowercase i on the lines. The lowercase i is considered a swing letter because you have to swing up to the midline before returning to the baseline (bottom line).


Helping a friend with the Fall Classification activity!


Using tongs to transfer pumpkins into a pumpkin shaped ice tray.


Scrubbing pumpkins!




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