A Peek At Our Week! September 21-25, 2020

This week the Aspen Group studied Apples!

Did you know there are 7,500 different kinds of Apples grown in our world? Do you know how a farmer plant trees in an apple orchard?  In an apple orchard trees are grown through a process established by the Ancient Greeks called Grafting! Apple seeds are not used in an orchard. If a farmer plants an apple seed  they will not know which type of apple will grow from one particular apple seed! For instance, a Red Delicious apple seed can produce an entirely different type of apple! Therefore, Grafting controls or ensures a specific type of apple is grown.

The children in the Aspen Group now know;  how apples are grown, how different types of apples have different tastes, the parts of an apple, and the life cycle of an apple.   We also explored the concept of fractions when we cut our apples to look inside them. Ask your child about the many activities and lessons they experienced this week.

Next week we will explore the world of color! We will review the Primary Colors and discuss the Secondary and Tertiary Colors.  At the same time, the class will explore the differences between warm and cool colors as well as color names in Spanish. See you next week!




Working on the identification and classification of the parts of an apple



Coloring and labeling the parts of an apple?


The Life Cycle Of An Apple.


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