A Peek At Our Week: September 20, 2021- All About Apples


This week in Aspen, it was All About Apples!  We learned how apples grow, classified different types of apples, and discussed the parts of an apple. We also took an apple taste test and tried different varieties of apples!  Ask your child what kind of apple was their favorite! After exploring these concepts we watched a video called How Does It Grow: Apples. We learned many interesting facts about apples. For example,  did you know… that apples are actually part of the rose family? Did you also know… that the apples we eat today were not native to North America?  Your child is now an apple expert, they can tell you all about these facts and more! We also explored various numerical concepts and fractions as we sliced the apples for our taste test. For fun thematic crafts, we created apple prints with the apples we sliced and made apple sun catchers. It sure was a fun week! Ask your child about their apple adventures in the Aspen room this week!

Kindergarten students continued their work with geography and hemispheres this week!  They also learned some interesting geographical facts.   Please make sure that your child is completing their homework and returning it the following day.




Having fun counting apples on an apple tree! (Equating Numbers with their corresponding symbols)


Exploring the linear sequence of numbers.


Fun with the phonetic sounds (letters)! Moveable Alphabet work.




Using the dropper to transfer water!
Cylinder Block extension activity and memory training activity! Grading knobbed cylinders from a distance.


Fun creating works of art with Ms. Varela.




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