A Peek At Our Week: August 30, 2021, Our Good Morning song in English and Spanish /Shaking Hands

This week the Aspen class remains super busy practicing our daily routines while learning how to navigate the classroom environment.  As we learn to navigate the classroom,  we are also practicing many of the Montessori Social Relations activities.  We have learned how to be respectful of our classmates and their opportunties to learn during the work period.  Therefore, as a class we have been practicing not interrupting our friends while they are focusing on work and have learned how to interrupt or how to get a teachers/friends attention by placing our hand gently on their shoulder. At the same time, we learned how to shake hands when we are greeting someone. The Aspen class will now begin each morning with a hand shake upon entering the building to practice this and refine their social skills. As we have been discussing greetings and introductions, we also learned how to sing our line time Good Morning Song.  Your child is currently learning this song in both English and Spanish.  As a result, You may hear them singing it at home.  The children call it the Buenos Dias Song when we sing it in Spanish.  Besides, learning our Good Morning Song  your child has also learned a few words in Spanish. The new words we learned are bookbag, shoes, bottle, and lunchbox!

Kindergarten students have been working really hard with Mr. John learning all about our continents, oceans, and the cardinal directions. They have also been reviewing some of the basics they learned last year to refine handwriting skills and ease into their kindergarten curriculum.  In Reading Group the kindergarten students have been working with me to improve phonics, fluency, retention, and handwriting skills.  This week we played a game called Roll it, Sound It Out!  We took turns rolling a die and read words from columns in the corressponding number they rolled.  I have sent home a paper for them to play this at home with your family!  Have fun reading!!!

Next week we will be discussing the Seasons.  We will explore the characterisitcs of each season as well as the reason for seasons.  The class will also work on the days of the week by naming them and sequencing them. See you next week!


Working on the Sandpaper Numbers.


Weaving ribbon with the weaving frame.


Taking a rest reading our phonetic books.


Working on multiplication!


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