Peek At Our Week-Aspen Room: The Skeletal System- 10/11/21

This week in Aspen we learned all about the Skeletal System!  During group lessons we learned the names of the bones in our body and where they are located, discussed how bones help us and their functions, explored what bones are made of, practiced what we learned by working with the Skeleton  Puzzle, and learned some fun Skeletal System facts!  Do you know how many bones an adult human has?  Who has more bones an infant or an adult? Do you know where your longest and strongest bone is? What about the location of the smallest bone in your body? Your child knows the answers to these questions and more! Ask them about what they learned this week.

This week in Kindergarten they learned all about mammals, birds, reptiles,  and amphibians! They classified charicteristics of each group and learned all about the animal kingdom. The kindergarteners then practiced tracing, labeling, and naming the Zoology Puzzles! In Reading Group we continued to study the rules of our language, engaged in word play, discussed the CH phonogram, practiced the lowercase cursive letters  t and u, and practiced our Comprehension skills.

Next week our thematic topic in Aspen is Living and Non Living!



Painting a pumpkin with puffy paint and a popsicle stick!


Putting together our skeleton floor puzzle.


Weaving ribbon with the Weaving Frame.


Creating designs with the Brown Stair and Pink Tower with Sensorial Extensions applying the knowledge learned from previous lessons with this activity. Exploring and discriminating size comparisons.

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