A Peek At Our Week! The Aspen Room 09/28/20 -10/02/20 The World Of Color!

This week the Aspen Room explored the world of color! Did you know that Red is the first color that an infant sees? An infant will eventually see the full color spectrum by the age of  five months! In the Aspen Room we learned this fascinating fact and more! Your children were able to explore the world of color by learning the names of colors in both English and Spanish (George taught us some color names in Portuguese!), we learned what Primary and Secondary colors are , experienced the meaning and the differences of Warm Colors and Cool Colors, created colorful works of art with watercolors and coffee filters, then used our knowledge to explore enrichment activities in the classroom.It was a very busy week!

Our kindergarten students learned the descriptive language of where we live, from biggest (galaxy) to smallest (street address).  They also practiced their handwriting skills by writing their address and working in their new cursive binders! Next week they will explore landforms!


Next week our theme is leaves! We will discuss and explore the parts of a leaf, the function of the leaf and how it does it’s job, the classification (names and type of leaf), and why they change color in the Fall! Hello Fall!!  It is finally here! Enjoy your weekend and I will see you next week!


Sorting and classifying pictures into groups. Is it considered a Warm Color or a Cool Color?
Using a dropper to create works of art with a coffee filter and watercolors!


Creating patterns with our magnetic color cubes!




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