A Peek At Our Week: Aspen Room, 03/01/21 -03/05/21

This week in the Aspen Room our topic is all about our planets, space, and our solar system!  We learned the names of the planets, fun facts about them, and where they are located within our solar system. We also discussed space related vocabulary and watched lots of fun Solar System videos from Kids Learning Tube on Youtube!  We also got to watch a video that demonstrated the sizes of planets, stars, and galaxies!  The Aspen class also worked on Solar System science experiments!  One experiment demonstrated the concept of how a planet orbits around the sun and the other experiment was How/Why craters are formed. Your child is now an expert when it comes to planets, stars, and space! They had a lot of information to share during group lessons and class discussions!  We have many amateur Astronomers  in the Aspen Room !

It also happened to be Seuss Week! The Aspen room had lots of fun exploring language, sound, and alliteration with the Dr. Seuss books. We discussed rhyming, engaged in word play rhyming our own words, and got to create fun crafts!  All the children demonstrated such creativity with their Seuss related outfits and shared their favorite Dr. Seuss books!



Rolling Dice then combining their quantities to explore addition facts!


It’s a new month!  Using our creativity to color our March paper.


Rescuing the letters and    matching them to Dr. Suess themed letter cards.



Crater experiment!  Dropping different sized spheres into flour and cocoa to observe what happens based on their size and weight!


Space Bingo!!


I “Moustache” you a question! Fun with our Lorax moustaches!
What an accomplishment!! A completed one thousand bead chain! These kiddos counted to a thousand by tens!

For the Week of 03/08/21:  Our topic is North America!  We will be focusing on learning about the various climates, regions, and will look at pictures about life on our continent!  The kindergarten students will begin their country research projects!

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