A Peek At Our Week: Aspen Room 01/25/21- 01/29/21 Migration, Hibernation, and Adaptation

This week it is all about animals!! The Aspen class learned all about animals, animal behavior, and what animals do in the winter. As the class researched animals we found that they would migrate to warmer climates, hibernate and sleep through the winter months, or adapt to their environment by growing thicker coats and finding warm places to call home. We then labeled and classified many animals into these categories with a fun sorting activity!  We also read the book Animals In Winter , by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard Van Gelder and watched Sci kids videos about Hibernation and Adaptation.  Did you know that there are three types of hibernation?  Some animals experience Dormancy and others engage in partial hibernation called Brumation or Torpor.  Ask your child about these terms and what they learned from our lessons and videos this week! We learned some amazing things!

After we researched the above, the class then took a look at the characteristics of animals. We observed that some have fur, feathers, or scales. That animals can be found in many habitats on all continents and their characteristics have adapted based on the environments they call home. We then matched animals with their footprints with our animal classification footprint work.

Kindergarten students explored the world of shapes by manipulating and studying two dimensional and three dimensional shapes with  in class activities that allowed them to manipulate and create their own shapes. Next week the kindergarteners will further explore shapes with the Geometric Cabinet.

Next Week it is all about groundhogs and shadows!  We will learn about Groundhog’s Day, the habitats groundhog’s call home, and behaviors of the groundhog.  We will then take a look at shadows by researching how and why they occur while experimenting with some in class science activities.


Matching animals to their footprints.


Sensorial fun with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair!


Labeling the South America continent map!






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