A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 11/29/21- Conifers

This week in Aspen we revisited our lesson on trees focusing on conifers or trees that stay green all year long!  We learned that these types of trees remain green all year and they keep their leaves through the winter. During group lesson we learned that these leaves are called needles and conifers bear cones that contain seeds.  At the same time, we also learned how to identify and name different types of conifers and evergreens. We also got to observe and touch differnt types of conifer branches that our classmates brought in for our botany tray. We then watched a very interesting Scikids video about conifers and watched another video that taught us how to determine if a tree is a Spruce, Pine, or Fir tree.  The Aspen kids were then given a mission to investigate, observe, and report to the class if they had a conifer or evergreen in their home or yard.  Many of us realized we had one in our living room to celebrate the holiday season!

This week in Aspen we were also busy practicing our songs for the upcoming AMMS Christmas Show! We practiced singing our songs, how to stand on the stage carefully , respectfully, and  practiced saying our lines (for those students that have them).  If your child has lines for the program have them practice at home as well.  This week during group lesson we will be practicing for the Christmas program.




Fun with the Moveable Alphabet!  Working on beginning sounds and building words that match the objects in our phonetic object basket!


More Moveable Alphabet fun! Learning how to create and read words in cursive.


Making bubbles with the whisking activity.


Working on addition with the gingerbread button activity.


Working on the sponge painting wreath craft. Gluing sequins, bows, and pom poms to decorate it.


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