A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 11/15/21- Pilgrims, Native Americans, and Thanksgiving!

This week in the Aspen Room we learned all about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the origins of Thanksgiving.  We learned all about the Pilgrim’s journey to the New World, what they found upon arriving at the coastline of Massachusetts, and how they survived (lived).  As we researched the life of a Pilgrim we discovered that they were given some much needed assistance from the Native Americans.  Living in a new unknown environment held many obstacles and without the help from a Native American Tribe called the Wampanoag the Pilgrims may not have survived or established our tradition of Thanksgiving! The Wampanoag showed the Pilgrims the best places to fish and hunt, what foods were safe to eat (berries, plants, and fruit), and a very unique and new way to plant corn ensuring a fertilized and healthy harvest.  Ask your child about this special way of planting that the Wampanoag taught the Pilgrims!  Because the Pilgrims were so grateful for the help and assistance from their Native American neighbors they held a huge feast or a “Thanksgiving” for all that they had.  The Pilgrims invited the Wampanoag to join in their celebration of Thankfulness thus establishing the tradition of Thanksgiving!  After learning all of the above information, and exploring the lives of the Pilgrims and Native Americans, we took our turn sharing what we are thankful for during group lesson.  All the children had many kind and thoughtful things to share and expressed their love and appreciation for their families, friends, and pets!  It was such a heartwarming experience listening to all the things that the Aspen children were thankful for!

It was also a very busy week in the Practical Life area as well!  This week the Aspen students explored a variety of transferring, mixing, and fine motor exercises using utensils they see family members using  during the holidays.  We learned how to measure with a measuring scoop, mix with a wire whisk, and use measuring spoons.

In Kindergarten with Mr. John the kindergarten students explored U.S currency learning all about coins (change) and dollars!  They learned how to identify a variety of coins while learning the corresponding amounts they equal.  In Reading Group we reviewed past phonograms (letter teams), practiced fluency (learned the definition of fluency), practiced comprehension skills finding information in a text, and challenged ourselves with a new phonogram!  We also reviewed our rhyme, “when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking!”

Next week our topic is Table Manners and Place Settings


Associating quantities with their symbol (number) with a fun Thanksgiving math activity!


Learning how to whisk and measure while transferring!


Fun with quantity and the Decimal System!!



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