A Peek At Our Week- Aspen: 10/18/21- Living and Non-Living

This week the Aspen class learned all about Living and Non-Living things!  Aspen spent the week examining the characteristics of Living and Non-Living things and then used our knowledge to make classifications.   We classified objects within our environment into these two groups. Some of the characteristics we learned about Living things are; living things grow, living things are made of cells, living things have some form of movement,  living things respond to the environment, and living things reproduce. Throughout our week we took a look at a variety of living things and got to observe some of their charicteristics.   The children observed Oreo moving and reacting to the environment around him. To our amazement Mr. John brought in Charlotte the Tarantula for us to observe and ask questions about spiders. Finally, we took a look at plants and how they fit into the classification of being living organisms.

This week in Kindergarten the children learned all about Insects and Arachnids.  They learned how to classify them and label the parts of each. Mr. John also enlisted the help of Charlotte the Tarantula to illustrate charicteristics of Arachnids! In Reading  Group, we practiced our Sound Detective skills utilizing our previous knowledge from past Reading Group lessons. Thus, reviewing the phonograms (letter teams) and sight words that we have already learned.  At the same time, we practiced the lowercase cursive letter u paying particular attention to the lines on the paper.

Next week our topics include; bats, spiders, and all things Halloween!! We will be learning some Halloween words or phrases in Spanish!


Charlotte stopped by the Aspen room to say hello!!


Ms. Tonya had a Spider plant that reproduced and grew baby spider plants. A young spider plant is called a spiderette or a pup! The Aspen class had the opportunity to take a look at this amazing plant up- close and observe the roots beginning to grow on the baby plant.

A better look at one of the Spiderettes!

Having fun in art class practicing our fine motor skills and following directions! The Aspen class drew different types of lines to create a fish.
Practicing handwriting skills with the dry erase board.
Sensorial exploration with the Color Tablets by learning to grade color from dark to light.







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