A Peek At Our Week! 11/30/20 -12/04/20 Table manners and How to set a table

This week we dicussed table manners and learned how to set a table.  The children helped lead the group meetings by sharing how one should behave while sitting at the table.  They all had very good ideas of what classified as having “Good Table Manners” and shared many scenarios indicating what “Bad Table Manners” are.  We had a lot of fun sharing our thoughts and ideas on this subject!  You all have very polite and well mannered children! During our discussions we also talked about how to try (taste) foods that we don’t care for and to try new foods when they are presented to us.  At the same time, we role played how to react when we discover that we don’t like a particular food using “Good Manners”.  We then read How Do Dinosars Eat Their Food which reinforced all the great manners they shared during our group meeting time.

After discussing manners, we learned how to set a table with our place setting activity from the practical life shelf.  Then during afternoon meeting time, we learned the names of the place setting objects in Spanish. Your children now know plate, fork, spoon, knife, napkin, and placemat in Spanish.

Kindergarten students are continuing their work with telling time, and have reviewed some of our previous lessons for reinforcement. Next week the kindergarten students will learn about the layers of our Earth and will research and explore each part.

Our theme for next week will be all about Conifers.  We talked a lot about decidous trees and identified various types of leaves during the months of October and November. Therefore, we will learn what a Conifer is while learning to identify different types of Conifers.  Conifers are special and are found all over this time of year.


Setting the table! Fun with our place setting practical life activity.


Working on the Binomial Cube!


Team U.S.A!! Working together as a team to complete the U.S.A puzzle map.


A variation of our practical life tonging activity! Tonging christmas bulbs and bells. The bells are very tricky, it is challenging to keep them quiet.

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