A Peek At Our Week: 11/16/20 – 11/20/20 All About Turkey’s

This week we are talking Turkey!  Where do turkeys live?  What do they eat? Can they fly?  We learned the answers to these questions and more!  In fact,  we also learned what a group of turkey’s is called, then we labeled the parts of a turkey, and listened to turkey calls. Did you know that a group of turkeys is called a flock or a rafter?  Ms.  Taylor also found an amazing video called Turkey Facts on youtube for us to watch during afternoon line time!  Ask your child about what they learned about turkeys this week. They are now turkey experts!   The class also watched/listened to read aloud books called Turkey Trouble and How To Catch A Turkey. They were hilarious books full of Thanksgiving fun!

Kindergartners have been working on their addition and multiplication skills as well as learning to tell time on an Analog Clock and also observed the differences between an analog clock and a digital clock.

Next week we will be talking about Table Manners and will also talk about the Pilgrims and why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.


Exploring media from our art shelf! Concentrating on creating a turkey using pieces of construction paper, googly eyes, and tracing our hand for the tail feathers.


Transfering water using a baster! We have been learning the names of kitchen utensils that you see during the Thanksgiving holiday. We then use these utensils to create practical life activities like this one.


Labeling the parts of a turkey!


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