Peek At Our Week! 10/19/20-10/23/20 “Skele-Fun” All About Skeletons !!!

This week the Aspen Room learned all about the Skeletal System. We discussed the parts of the skeleton and learned the names of our bones, how bones help us, how to keep our bones healthy, and fun facts about our bones.  Your children also explored the Skeletal System by putting together our skeleton puzzle, labeling the bones of our skeleton , working with the Skeletal Classification cards, and coloring skeletons!  Your child also learned that the adult human body has 206 bones but an infant has about 300! We learned that this is because the bones in an infant are still developing/growing and as a result they have more bones than an adult. We also discovered that the Python has the most bones with 600 vertebrae which  can equal 1,800 bones! Yet, the shark has the fewest amount of bones because it’s skeleton contains a lot of cartilage. It was definitely a “Skele-Fun” Week!


Putting the skeleton puzzle together!


The finished skeleton puzzle! The proud look of accomplishing a challenging work!


Tracing our skeleton puzzle!


The traced and decorated skeleton! All ready for Halloween!



Labeling the skeleton coloring paper.



Kindergarten students learned all about the parts of Trees, Plants, Arachnids, and Insects!


Mr. John brought Charlotte into our classroom to show our class! Some of our children were more thrilled than others about our eight legged visitor!


Next week we will be talking about Healthy Habits and Safety! We will discuss food groups briefly and  making healthy choices, review washing hands, and safety rules (How to cross the street, Halloween safety…etc).  We will have sorting activities, yoga cards, and more!  Have a great weekend!

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