Peek At Our Week: 10/12/20 -10/16/20 All About Pumpkins!

This week the Aspen Room learned all about pumpkins! We learned how they grow, sang pumpkin songs, sorted pumpkin seeds from the goop (pulp), explored number concepts with our sorted pumpkin seeds, scrubbed pumpkins, and worked with the many pumpkin themed practical life activities! Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!! Did you know that the Pilgrims survived the harsh winter by eating pumpkins? Yet, today the majority of pumpkins are grown and sold for decoration and carving purposes! This week’s homework assignment bake/eat something with pumpkin in it!

Kindergarten students learned all about the Animal Kingdom! They learned the many differences between the different Classes of animals! How animals are classified and the differences between each classified group.  We also had fun labeling and tracing our animal puzzles in the classroom.


Next week we are exploring the Skeletal System and learning all about bones! Bones have many important jobs for our body.  Do you know how many bones there are in the human body? Do you know which animal has the most bones? Next week we will learn these fun facts and more!


Matching and making patterns with pumpkins!


Pumpkin Scrubbing! Getting our pumpkin ready for carving fun!


Transferring pumpkins with tongs! A great exercise for fine motor skills , patience, and learning to focus.


Pouring pumpkins??? Another great example of our Practical Life curriculum.


Comparative discrimination and sequencing! Putting pumpkins in order from the largest to smallest.


Sorting seeds from the pumpkin pulp!





Kindergarten follow-up work! Tracing and labeling the animal puzzles.

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