A Peek At Our Week- 03/14/22- Aspen- Rainbows, The Light Spectrum , and Saint Patrick’s Day

This week in the Aspen Room it was all about St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows, and the light spectrum!  Aspen engaged in rainbow-colored activities, crafts, and science experiments exploring the light spectrum.  During group lessons Aspen learned how rainbows are formed, why they occur, and explored stories and legends surrounding the rainbow. Then the Aspen scientists shared ideas regarding how they thought rainbows occur. Prior to the lesson, each child shared their ideas and thoughts on this subject. The class unanimously agreed and made an observation that a rainbow needed rain (source of water) and sunlight.  The class then explored this observation and discussed the concept of reflection and learned about the light spectrum.  We learned that each wavelength of light is reflected at different angles. Thus, the light spectrum is separated creating a rainbow. The Aspen children also shared stories on how they have created rainbows with a hose, bubbles, spray bottles, and sequins making new observations sparking an interest in trying to create rainbows.  Thinking about our observations, we decided to experiment creating rainbows. Therefore, we had the opportunity to experiment separating the wavelengths in the light spectrum using a prism and a flashlight! Our Practical Life area was also filled with colorful rainbow themed fun!  Ask your child about their week!

This week we also began our introduction to the International Festival and began to learn about Europe.  The Aspen children were introduced to the European flags activity, animals of Europe, and landmarks of Europe.  We also began learning the location and names of the countries we will be representing for the International Festival. If you haven’t already picked a country please make your selection this week.  If you visit Signup Genius you will find a list of available countries. Next week, we will continue our exploration of Europe.   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-country

The Aspen kindergarteners explored vowels and consonants and engaged in lessons identifying vowels and consonants while practicing their reading skills with word lists.  The kindergarteners also practiced their handwriting skills throughout the week.


Exploring the world of color by color mixing to create the colors of the rainbow.
Pouring rainbow gems! Taking a practical life activity and turning it into a counting and sorting work! How many gems do you count?
Creating Leprechaun traps to catch that cheeky Leprechaun and our chance at getting his pot of gold!


Making paper chains to decorate our classroom.


That Cheeky Leprechaun pranked our classroom and evaded our traps! No pot of gold for us!! However, he did leave us Skittles and a St. Patrick’s Day book to enjoy!

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