Peek In Our Week === Thee Buckeye Room === Week Of November 28, 2022

The Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
We are practicing our lines and practicing the songs for the Christmas Show.

I want to be an elf..

Did You Know?
Bangkok is the world’s most visited city.

With 22.78 million international visitors, Bangkok named the most visited city in the world for the fourth year in a row – beating Paris, London, Dubai, and Singapore. 

I love Thai food!

December Birthdays:

A Montessori classroom prides itself on a mixed aged classroom of ages between 2 1/2 and 6.  Here is our newest 6 year old and 4 year old students.

The 6 year old is showing 6 in Sign Language not 3.

A Message Mr. John (The Dentist):

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 17 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian)

Specials Spotlight (Art):

Art was a lesson in drawing straight lines to make a Christmas tree.

Alumni Corner:

We had two alumni of AMMS visit and read to the class. The girls just happen to be a current student’s sisters.

Peek In The Classroom:

Children practicing their foreign languages. Looks like they are counting to 10 in Swedish.
Just a bunch of girls practicing handwriting. The two to the right are copying Hooked on Phonics books (text and pictures).
This is a Practical Life or could even be a Math work. He is placing the correct amount of stones to the number. This enhances fine motor skills, focus, and the correlation between symbol and quantity.
The beauty of the Montessori Classroom is that you have the opportunity for peer to peer learning/teaching.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Practicing For The Christmas Show

Letter Of The Week- No Letter Of The Week

Rhyming Word Of The Week- No Rhyming Word Of The Week

No new languages until the next year

Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme:
Addition with the Golden Beads (Static/No Carry Overs)

10 is the magic number.

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Addition with the Golden Beads (Dynamic/Carry Overs)

Synonym Of The Week: No Synonyms

Sight Words Of The Week:  No Sight Words

Upcoming Events:
Christmas Show Rehearsal: Wednesday, December 14 at 6pm to 7pm (not a dress rehearsal).

Christmas Show: Friday, December 16.  Arrive at 5:30pm (take your children to the restroom.  Even if they say they do not have to go!)

Christmas Break: Monday, December 19. Returning Tuesday January 3

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

The dreaded Raspberry Fingers and a photo bomb.
This just freaks me out.
It is all about fashion.
She is going to miss her BFFs

Your Children Say The Darndest Things (She will miss us):

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