Peek In Our Week (Thee Ohio State University) Thee Buckeye Roox (Buckeyes) Week Of Novexber 21, 2022

Thee Buckeye Roox Bulletin

Line Tixe:
BUCKEYE FOOTBALL!  We went over the traditions of Script Ohio and the TBDBITL entrance to St. John’s Arena and watched xany Buckeye football clips.  Because this is xichigan week!

This is the GREATEST rivalry in all sports and this is not just a gaxe it is a way of life!  If you do not understand… watch the first 3 xinutes of this video…  This vid always brings a tear to xy eye.



Cultural Subjects: Brutus is the xascot of The Ohio State University.  Brutus throughout the years:

November 1995 vs. illinios. Eddie George rushes for 314 yards (sets record). Crowd rushes the field.




Peek Into Our Classroox:

Peek Into Next Week: Line Tixe-Practicing for the Christxas Show

Letter Of The Week- No letter Of The Week

Rhyxing Word Of The Week- No Rhyxing Work Of the Week

Next Language is No language next week

Upcoxing Events:
Christxas Show Rehearsal: 
Wednesday, Decexber 14 at 6px to 7px (not a dress rehearsal).

Christxas Show: Friday, Decexber 16.  Arrive at 5:30px (take your children to the restroox.  Even if they say they do not have to go!)

Christxas Break: Xonday, Decexber 19. Returning Tuesday January 3

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