Enrichment Fun for the week- 01/06/20

Telling a story with music!  Different instruments represent different characters!

Different instruments create unique sounds.  We had so much fun listening and learning the names of instruments.

Learning about absorption with water, paper towels, and a diaper (contains Sodium Polyacrylate).


What will happen? The water is going to dump on her head for sure! The water poured into the container with the paper towel dumped all over Mr. John’s head! What will the water poured into the diaper do?

No water dumped on to her head! She’s completely dry!!!

Let’s try this again! Maybe if we pour lots of water into the container with the diaper it will dump onto our head! Watch out!!!!

We dumped two and a half cups of water into the container with the diaper and we still remained dry! Why????  Because of absorption! The Sodium Polyacrylate in the diaper is more absorbent than the paper towel. The diaper absorbed all of the water keeping us dry!


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