Them Bones Them Bones! Them Blawsome Bones

Last week we took a peek into our skeletal system. The students were amazed that we all have a skeleton inside of us! We made skulls to decorate our classroom for the upcoming Halloween Party and some made skull bracelets. It was a great week of learning and progress.  Our students were very interested in the facts we learned about our bones! For example, we have 206 bones in our body and without them, we would be like a bowl of Jell-O! We learned that the skull is inside our head and protects our brain. We also talked about the ribcage and how it moves when we breathe and protects our heart and lungs and how our pelvis is the bone we use to dance and sit. Lastly, we discussed how our backbone supports our body and helps us to stand up straight.  The children loved dancing to the skeleton song!

Building the biggest to smallest using many materials. This activity builds fine motor skills, focus,and visual discrimination of size.


Tracing the skeleton puzzle. Working on pincer grasp, fine motor skills, and focus, as well as remembering where bones belong.


Our skull protects our brain. It also houses the smallest bone in our body the scapes or stirrup in our ear!


So exciting to learn how a clock works! Can’t wait till we learn half past, quarter past, and quarter till!

We have all been diving deep into learning new things throughout our classroom. We built the pink tower and brown stairs in new ways and started using the movable alphabet! Many friends were fascinated by the landform trays and saw the difference between island and lake. We started journal copy writing this week. Some friends are tracing over highlighter letters while others are copying the words on their own. We are all learning sign language  and beginning to use it I  our classroom. It is so nice to be able to communicate nonverbally across the classroom. Wow what an amazing start to our school year and progress in learning and growing together!

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