“BLAWSOME” week!

Last  week in Cherry Blossom we have been studying leaves. We talked about the parts of a leaf. There are stipules, petiole, veins , and the blade. We talked about how the leaves are green because they have chlorophyll.  Leaves are the part of a plant that turns water, sunshine, and oxygen into food for the plant. We also talked about how the leaves fall off in the autumn to conserve energy. We collected leaves at recess to make leaf rubbings. We have be cutting leaves, matching different color and shape leaves, and many of the children have tracing the leave puzzle.


A peek into our work time…

The 45 layout was a popular material in our classroom this week! Using this material builds math skills focusing on matching symbols and quantities 1-9, 10-90, 100-900, 1000-9000.
Some of our older students are taking on the roll of leader and are doing a great job helping others to learn and grow.  They are helping others stay on track and keeping them in line in the hall. At lunch these leaders are helping to open things for others and clean up after we are finished.


We have started doing sign language during preschool lesson. Also, at the end of the day we have started doing yoga adventures. They are an active bunch and really enjoy this time to move and groove.

It is a joy getting to know your children and watching them blossom!

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