Our “Blawsome” Week All About Apples

This week we have been studying apples. We Tasted McIntosh, Red Delicious, Ambrosia, and Granny Smith apples. Most of our friends liked Red Delicious the best. We went apple picking in our room, sorted apple colors and sizes. Students made an apple that included seeds, the core, some skin, and a stem. We used apple seeds for counting and even made patterns using apples. We watched a video about apples and how they get from the orchard to the grocery store! We even learned a song to the tune of  Bingo !  “I know a Fruit thats good to eat and Apple is its name-O! A-P-P-L-E!



Cards and Counters Apple-style! Many friends got to match the apple numbers with the apple seeds inside!


Students had fun learning about patterns by completing the apple pattern with pom poms!


Many friends were introduced to telling time on a clock this week!


We are making lots of great friends and learning to work together in our school adventure together!



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