Aspen Room: A Peek At Our Week 02/15/21-02/19/21 All About Presidents and American History

Welcome back!! We all had a nice extended weekend with President’s Day and then a snow day! I hope everyone got to relax, have some snowy fun, and drank lots of hot cocoa.  We are back to learning  this week and are working hard in the Aspen Room.  This week we learned about President’s Day, what it means to be a president, names of our presidents, fun trivia facts about presidents, and important  American symbols.  After learning about the American flag the Aspen Room students had many questions and wanted to learn more about flags. As a result, we talked about and learned about flags from other countries in North America. Then we matched North American flags with the flag matching activity. The class also watched, What Does The President Do and Presidential Trivia by Kids Academy.

The Kindergarten students are continuing their work with geometric vocabulary and concepts with the Geometric Solids and the Geometric Cabinet during work time.  For kindergarten lesson this week, Kindergarten students traced their body, then colored, labeled, and glued the internal organs to their traced outline of their body. It was a lot of fun learning about our internal organs and great practice following directions on the organ papers.

Next week we are discussing Musical Instruments.  We will focus on instrument classifications (groups/families ) , what different  instruments sound like, and how they are used/played. The Kindergarten students will finish their internal organ projects and discuss other important systems within our bodies.

Presidential Fun! Placing the president cards in numerical order and reading fun facts about them!


Learning about the states with the U.S.A. puzzle map!


Writing to 100 on the dry erase board!



Game Time!!!   Indoor recess fun!



Learning about the internal organs!



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