ASPEN- A Peek At Our Week : October 4, 2021- The World Of Color!!

Color is all around us and this week in Aspen we explored all things color! First, we learned all about Primary Colors and then experimented with them with our Color Mixing work! We discovered that when we mixed certain primary color combinations we got new colors!  These new colors are called the Secondary Colors.  After creating our color mixing combinations we then experimented mixing secondary color combinations! Ask your little artist/scientist what they discovered while color mixing this week! Many of the students figured out how to create various shades with their color mixing experimentation. As a result, we then discussed the color wheel and the concepts of warm and cool colors. We then applied the concepts we learned to create suncatchers for our windows.  Finally, we learned our color names in Spanish with Ms.Sandy and read a book Olivia brought in to share with us! It sure was a fun and colorful week in the Aspen Room.

In kindergarten it was all about landforms this week. They discussed lake, island, cape,  bay, peninsula,   and gulf with Mr. John during kindergarten lesson. We then explored these concepts further with our Land and Water forms activity! In reading group we continued to work on our confidence with a variety of Sound Detective games, phonograms (letter teams), and Fluency.  We also engaged in a Reading Comprehension  activity by reading a nonfiction informative paragraph.  The kindergarteners then took turns answering  questions pertaining to the paragraph. Therefore, exploring concepts such as finding information within a text selection,  recalling facts, and linking facts to practice reasoning skills.

Next week our topic is Skeletons!

Practicing to refine the fine motor skills by using the tweezers to remove sunflower seeds from a sunflower!


Indirect preparation for writing! Practicing using the pincer grasp by using tweezers to remove sunflower seeds. Also, note how focused she is! This work also allows for the child to learn how to engage their mind to focus and concentrate for lengthy periods of time.


Sorting pictures by color!!
Exploring the concepts of Warm and Cool Colors by sorting and classifying them.


Ms. Emily came in and taught us how to Sign the letters of the Alphabet! Ms. Emily will be presenting weekly American Sign Language lessons to the children every Friday!


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