Aspen: A Peek At Our Week, Brrrr!!!! The Arctic and Antarctic Biomes! 01/11/21- 01/15/21

Brrr….it’s cold!  This week the Aspen Room took a trip to the Arctic and Antarctic.  We learned the terms North and South Pole, where these areas are located on our Earth, the climates of these areas, what kind of wildlife has adaptated to living in these enviroments and similarities and differences between the two regions. The Aspen class also researched penguins , how they have adapted to living in Antarctica, their life cycle, and how to classify different species of penguins.  Did you know….there are penguins living in warmer climates too? Did you know that some species of penguins lay two eggs?  Ask your child, he/she can tell you where penguins can be found. Your child is now a penguin expert! While discussing the Arctic we learned about the types of animals found in the most Northern areas of our Earth, how they have adapted to a frigid environment, and watched videos about Arctic wildlife.

This week the Kindergarten students continued to explore the mathematical operation of Subtraction by learning how to borrow with Dynamic Subtraction.  Next week we will be revisiting Multiplication through our Skip Counting Chains!

Up Next:

Next week the Aspen class will learn all about Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the Civil Rights movement!  We will discuss why having a day off to honor individuals that have changed our world for the better! See you next Tuesday!


Working on the Life Cycle of a Penguin!


Classifying different species of penguins and labeling them!


Labeling the United States Of America puzzle map with a friend!
Creating a State Book in alphabetical order while learning the abbreivations for each state!


Exploring Sensorial Extensions with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair!


Practicing handwriting and spelling skills with the dry erase board!

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