Aspen: A Peek At Our Week 03/08/21- 03/12/21 North America!!!!

This week the Aspen Room is learning all about North America.  We discussed the various land regions of North America , characteristics of these regions, learned about the Native Americans and their their way of life within the different regions, then we learned the names of the countries in North America.  As we discussed the Native Americans of the Southwest, we learned about the Pueblo, Navajo, Apache, and Zuni tribes.  As we researched we discovered that they were very resourceful and created many amazing things such as; Pueblos (apartment like structures made of adobe, bricks of clay and water, Hogans (housing structures of the Navajo), beautiful jewelry, detailed clothing garments, and pictographs (pictures that represent words) for  writtten communication.

The Aspen class then tried our hand at some of the Native American techniques of weaving making bowls and painting with sand.  While creating these works of art we discovered that they were significant to different regions of our country.  We also learned how draw a few pictographs as well.

Copy Writing Pictographs!

North America Puzzle Map Tracing!!


Sand Painting a Zia sun symbol.

Next Week:  We will continue with the North America art projects.  The Aspen class will also discuss weather, types of weather,  and what determines the type of weather we have.  The class will also track the weather for the week while engaging in fun activities and experiments!  The kindergarten students have been learning about money this week and will continue their exploration of money next week!

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