A Peek At Our Week – Aspen- 3/13/23 – 3/17/23 – Rainbows and The Light Spectrum

This week in Aspen, we dove into the world of color again by exploring rainbows and the light spectrum! The Aspen children investigated why and how rainbows occur; we named the colors within the rainbow, discussed the light spectrum, and engaged in experiments involving bending and refracting light. Each day during group lessons, we took a look at the science of rainbows and the exploration of color. We discovered that rainbows occur when sunlight hits a water droplet. When this happens, some of the light is reflected and refracted creating a rainbow! As we researched this topic, we further discovered that light is made up of different wavelengths and each wavelength is reflected at different angles; therefore, the light spectrum is separated and the result is a rainbow! In order to illustrate this concept while gaining hands on experience, we engaged in an activity refracting light to create our own rainbows using a flashlight and a prism. Aspen also read Pink Is Not a Color and This Book Is Gray by Lindsay Ward. Lindsay Ward a local children’s author from Peninsula, Ohio. The book is hilarious, full of educational information, and encourages kindness and uniqueness. Aspen highly recommends this book, so check it out!!

This week we began or Asia and Oceania studies by having Noah’ s mom, Anum Ali, come in to teach us all about Pakistan. She brought amazing pictures depicting the culture and life in Pakistan, and she brought in many visual aides and items to share as she talked about her culture. Mrs. Ali taught us so much and answered our many, many questions! She even taught us some words! Ask your child about their amazing lesson on Pakistan! A very big thank you to Anum for all of her hardwork and preparation, sharing her knowledge with us, Buckeye, and Cherry Blossom! I also would like to personally thank all of the Aspen parents and children for selecting and submitting their countries for the festival. We have begun our in-class research projects because of this!

This week in Kindergarten lesson, the Kindergarteners began their in-depth lesson with the Function of Words activities, exploring consonants, vowels, and articles. In Readers Workshop, both groups practiced their copy writing skills, fluency, and handwriting with reading comprehension books/worksheets. They practiced finding information within a text while answering comprehension questions. We also practiced writing in complete sentences when answering comprehension questions. Both groups also took a quick look at rhyme, alliteration, hyperbole, and onamatapeoia to explore poetry condepts. In Writers Workshop, both groups practiced writing poetry as a group (picture below).

Matching Uppercase and Lowercase letters!

Learning how to find information in books. Practicing our research skills researching life in our Asian country!

Guiding and helping our friends during the work period! The combined age groups of a Montessori classroom provides opportunities for children to exercise independence while assuming leadership roles guiding younger peers.

Skip Counting with the Cube Chain!

Kindergarten Poetry Fun!!

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